UFC 98: Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida


After all the trash talking between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans at UFC 96, it looks like Rampage will have to sit this one out and let number one contender Lyoto Michida have his shot at the UFC light heavyweight title. According to the Sun, Rampage’s injuries (hand and jaw) will prevent him from fighting for the title at UFC 98. The report also states that Ramage will become the number one contender and face the winner of Evans/Machida later this year.

Rashad Evans on fighting Lyoto Michida

“The kid’s been phenomenal. He’s been better than phenomenal. He’s been looking better every fight … But that’s the fight business. That’s the fun part – the fact that you go in there with an opponent who sometimes seems insurmountable but then you figure it out and that makes the victory that much sweeter.”

“With that said, there may be some kinks in Lyoto’s armour that I have yet to see that I can exploit when I look at the tapes more closely … He’s been looking slicker than I don’t know what, but everybody has a weakness even if you do look slick as oil. Everyone has a weakness.”

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  1. Here is my point Keenan. There is a way to throw power punches with technique and without it. Rampage throws with technique thats what im saying. I am not saying he will or will not walk through rashad but I do think he would beat rashad though.

  2. i do disagree, but well stated opinion. Just from my point of view of how I see his fights which helps voice my opinion.

  3. Machida is a calculated fighter. Machida 3-4 round.

  4. oooooo man. this is an awsome fight. i thunk that rashad will beat him with the hands and wrestling. the only way machida will win is by jui jitsu i think. machida can;t really match to evans hands and wrestling. and i like the fight between serra and hughes. lovin that fight. i think hughes will win but i want serra to win because i dont like hughes.

  5. Sugar rashad is the most entertaining well rounded talented fighter in history and e will beat machida and have the type of tittle run ortiz and liddell had sugar rashad is a legend in the making

  6. Sugar- you are messed up in the head if you think Rashad will beat Machida as you have it all wrong. it will be Machida that will have the longest title reign in UFC history when he easily destroys your boy.

  7. No way jack no way remember this day may 3rd you doubted sugar rashad you where probably one of the 80% who doubted him against chuck and one of the 80% who doubted him against Forrest Griffin but he beat both of them with style and Machida is a great fighter but he has never faced a great striker he will get hit and get his chin tested against Rashad, Rashads to quick athletic and talented and i cant wait till 3 weeks time at ufc 98 when my man Rashads still the light heavyweight champion

  8. rashad all the way he"s proven his self against some of the best fighters in the ufc and who has machida fought? even though machida is a excellent striker rashad is quicker stronger and a very great back ground in wrestling so i expect rashad to take machida down and ground and pound all night untill the ref stops it or he wins a decision or even possibly submits machida…..GO RASHAD

  9. Uguysrh8ters says:

    Everybody hatin on the black guy….lol….it's funny to me. I bet 99.9% of the idiots posting on this page are WHITE! This isn't the 1960's anymore, people are being biased for racial purposes, not because they think Lyoto Machida is the best fighter! You idiots are all racist!

  10. Uguysrh8ters says:

    In My opinion, Lyoto Machida is still overrated. Jus can't wait to see Rampage knock his block off and shut all these klansmen up!

  11. patrick bateman says:

    SUGAR what now you iddiot look yourself in the mirror and take up checkers or something because you know nothing about mma. how is your boy evans doing today hahah probably resting in a hospital bed. i told you so Machida will be champ no less than 2 years

  12. patrick bateman says:

    UGUYSRH*TERS is blind because he thinks machida is white what a loser he is the racist

  13. Yeah, good call there picking Rashad.

  14. @cody

    look at machida's record pal before you start saying he hasn't fought any of the best fighters. With a win over BJ penn and handing Rich Franklin his first loss he had proved himself long ago. Oh yeah, he also beat Tito Ortiz unanimously, and Rashad only managed to pull out a draw. Check your history before posting or you look like an idiot. I'm not gonna gloat after machida won like some others are doing, but honestly that was a stupid statement you made.

  15. patrick bateman says:

    Uguysrh8ters is obviously the biggest moron on this site. this is as clear as black and white. Rampage will get beat down worse than Evans did. You are either blind or dont know anything about MMA. I laugh at everyone who actually believed that evans would win this fight. Wake the fuck up and realize this is the real PforP champ and will keep the title for a record setting period probably till he retires.

  16. U dumb ass bateman u say i know nothing about mma because i made one wrong prediction. Joe rogan Dana White and everyone else associated with mma where saying Rashad Evans style of fighting is the best match up against Machida but on that day Machida was unstoppable and you say i know nothing about mma because one wrong prediction. I knew Evans would beat Griffin and i knew he would beat Liddell did you? Did you thing Serra would bead GSP? Did you think GSP would beat BJ that comfortably? And go on give us a prediction on the 2 fights im looking forward to Franklin vs Silva and Lesnar vs Mir and if you get one of those wrong then according to your stupid theory you know nothing about MMA. As for your theory on Machida being pound for pound best that is stupid if he ever fought Anderson Silva then Silva would kill his ass but they aint ever gonna fight but if they did Anderson Silva would show the world he is much better then Machida

  17. whodini says:

    Rashad a legend in the making ? the most well rounded fighter ? and entertaining ? that was the best one of all ,,,,, entertaining …. come on Sugar…please tell me you were drinking when you posted that …we aint hating on the black guy were hating on the overhyped black guy who has no offense or take downs …just backs up like hes scared to get hit and hopes to land one

  18. no i was not drunk when i posted that he is entertaining he is like the only fighter who actually puts on a show and entertains. The showboating he does is entertaining he took forrest griffins best shot in round 2 of their fight then tells him to sucks his dick after taking a flurry of shots and forrest griffins besst strikes he follows it by a smile and a suck it gesture that is entertainin. Also this mans a wrestler but by the way he strikes you would think he came up to mma via boxing or kickboxing thats well rounded he can mix them up like very very few others

  19. SUGAR you are the biggest iddiot i have ever heard he knows nothing about nothing probably no education. if a guy can not realize by know that Machida is the best fighter iin MMA he is fucked and sugar. you probably think Rampage will beat him too. well make sure you check back after that fight and tell me i was right again you fucking loser

  20. SUGAR anderson silva has even commented in interviews that he would not fight or beat Machida wake the fuck up. even silva states that Machida is the elite fighter and i think he would know he trains with him.

  21. Sugar is a racist who does not even know what background Machida is all he sees is black and he is the worsst kind and the first to call a white guy a racist for betting against a black fighter. grow up you should be shot with a ball of your own shit.

  22. It is also Silva bestfreind and could be just saying that..

    Rich and silva and Macida all train togather for this fight

  23. whodini says:

    ye but that was Forrest .. mediocre of latley Griffon .. i like someome who goes after people not wait and bait

  24. WOW i just watched Novers fight WTF that was stopped way to early like OMG now i know why EVERYONE WAS BOOing The little Bold Refe wtf If Nover gets cut for that iwill flip the fuck out OMG


    thats the fight watch it

  25. Machida is great, but his stance – with his legs way out in front of him – can make him vulnerable in the future. Machida's legs are always in front of him and they can be a good target. However, it will take a very quick, powerful and clever opponent, but Machida's legs can be taken out and he can be g&p'd out.

  26. btw-Fedor is still the best in the world!!! Machida is great, but he his record is not as good as Fedor's record. If you have followed MMA from the very beginning, then you know that Fedor is on top. Look at the number of fights and look at all of the opponents that Fedor has utterly dismantled.

  27. Finally Anderson Silva is the second best p4p fighter in the world and Machida needs to defend the belt at least a few times before he can be put into the top 3 – p4p category. If A. Silva can dominate most of the LHW division and if A. Silva continues to completely dominate the MW division, then Machida will need to do the same in order to tie A. Silva for second best p4p fighter in the world…Fedor needs to loose at least one time in order for him to be knocked of the top of the p4p rating…Alot of the best p4p ratings are not objective; you just need to look each fighters opponents, the number of title defenses and records of each fighter objectively.

  28. TMulaBaby says:

    Ima go head and throw this out there…

    Im taking rampage in round 2 knockout.

    I know machida is great and all

    and hella well rounded.


    I like rampage in this fight.

    Rampage is reaching his best and is actually training.

    and he wont be all scared of whats to come like rashad.

    I know ima get shit for this but its my opinion right?

    Just what i think yall

  29. for cody….do you even know who lyoto has fought?

    rich franklin (undefeated at the time)

    sam greco

    mike mcdonald

    thiago silva


    Kengo Watanabe

    stephan bonner

    and rashad evans

    and more

    and won

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