UFC 97 “Redemption” Anderson Silva vs Thales Leites


UFC 97 “Redemption” on April 18, from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada.

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  1. why? i still don't get the leites fight and i don't know about shogun vs chuck ahwile ago it would have been the fight of the century now i don't know what to expect. although he has not shown much i am still going with shogun it will be the last time if he looks like shit again i just have faith that he will come in shape this time and beat chuck, but who knows it wouldn't suprize me at all if chuck won.

  2. I don't get the Leites fight either. Nobody wants to watch it. Leites should have lost to Marquardt but the judges don't know how to score right.

  3. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Just another boring 185 lb person for Silva to beat… all the interesting fights for him are at 205 but Wanderlei has now moved down to 185 so that is it!

  4. Has Wanderlei really gone to midleweight? I think that could be the boost the division needs.

    Thales is a good fighter but with all the hype surrounding Anderson everyone expects him to fight the best in the world…. The problem with that is 185 doesn't have the best fighters in the world, so his options are pretty limited. I honestly believe Anderson is not the p4p champ like Dana says, He hasn't really fought the calibre of opponent that people like GSP, Fedor, BJ, and Rampage. He keeps getting guys thrown at him to make him look good.

  5. Luke I agree… Anderson Silva is a great fighter… one of the all time greats – but beating Thales does nothing for him and the fans are not interested in that fight either! He should move to 205 perminantley and fight the top guys there!

    If GSP beats Alves then I would put him as the true p4p no. 1 – cos he has convincingly beaten the Welterweight Elite (Koscheck, Fitch, Hughes and hammered BJ).. The level of quality in the MW devision is not as deep – Thats why Franklin looked good until Silva came along!

    Back to Silva – there are so many great fights for him at 205! personally I'd like to see him fight Jon 'BONES' Jones! – but what about Rampage, Chuck, Griffin, Evans etc.

    I know he doesn't wanna fight Machida – but that would be awesome!!

  6. machida v silva that would be amazing there pro fighters they should put there love life aside and get it on they can still be friends afterwards look at hendo and rampage they get paid enough money

  7. oh yea and im going with chuck via ko

  8. chuck by KO in the late 2..

  9. i think whoever comes into this fight in shape is the one who wins. they are both looking for a ko so i would bet thats how it ends one way or another

  10. silva will win KO..

    i would rather see chuck vs jardine 2…jackson vs shogun 2…ha i hope chuck can get a knock out win

  11. dane drebin says:

    i think anderson and chuck will both win their matches

  12. RatAttack68 says:

    Anderson will win and so should Chuck. Shogun hasn't looked good in any of his fights since coming to the UFC.

  13. Yo Luke Anderson Fought Rich Franklin and beat him twice. He was at that time undefeated. he beat Nate Marqaurdt which has International experience He beat Dan Henderson and choked him out. Are you on High my friend. Rampage Jackson Couldn't finish Henderson. And Anderson Put him away. And St pierre got beat by washed up hughes and matt serra. Rampge got beat by Forrest. You tell me Who is High Caliber??

  14. Anderson Silva and GSP should meet at 185, and battle to show who is the p4p king. It will be the greatest war the ufc has every witnessed, the fight of the century,The superbowl of MMA. There both great at everything and no one can beat them, this will give silva the challenge his been waiting for.Anderson will win by head kick or flying knee, I love GSP but silva is from another planet, Silva is the P4P king period. Who else could move up to 205 and ko a dangerous striker in the first round.

  15. The Only guy I think that can beat Anderson Silva Is Damian Maia. I mean Maia is unreal In Submissions. Anderson Has fallen Victim of submissions. But for that to happen Maia Has to get him to the ground. And If silva catches Maia It light out!

  16. I agree wth you Jay big time..but we still dont know if Maia has a chin?? but if they did fight Maia would run in there and pull gaurd right away and look for a sub..

    sonnen was a retart for staying in Maia gaurd

  17. But again We have seen Anderson in Trouble Before with top Grapplers and he still figures out a way tp put them away.

  18. true but i dont think Maia will be next because He isnt a Real MMa fighter, he is just a great JJ guy.. He doesnt try at all to stand with good striker which most mma fighter will at lest trade punchs for a little and they set up there punches with takedowns.. Maia juts guard and i dont think he can take a punch or a knee from Anderson

  19. I agree Tom and all fights start standing and he has to get Anderson to the ground. I see Maia being too scared of being knocked out that it hurts him and it will lead him to being knocked out. Thats what I think anyhow.

  20. Nate Marquart has a chance against Anderson But thats a real small chance of winning. He did look impressive against Wilson Govaia. I would like to see a rematch against them two. I also think that Anderson can beat Rashad and Rampage if he moves up to 205. Anderson is probably Light years Ahead in stand up compared to all other mma fighters not to mention k1 fighters.

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