UFC 97 Post Fight Press Conference


  1. funny how chuck jumped in and backed up silva

  2. Well he did the right thing…

  3. patrick bateman says:

    Shit even 60 year old Coleman shitting his depends did better against Shogun than Chuck did thats sad

  4. dane drebin says:

    patrick bateman ur a tard if u think coleman would have lasted a round with the inshape shogun that faught chuck.

  5. patrick bateman says:

    he never proved anything and was not even tested by chuck sorry i am still not sold on Rua it will take more than a ko of liddell at this point. 3 years ago i would have been impressed.

  6. Patrick 4 years ago he beat rampage badly. Was that impressive at all?

  7. Patrick is right Steve , Rampage was the last time Rua looked good 4 years ago "EXACTLY" about the same time Chuck was good

  8. dane drebin says:

    wat exactly about his fight with chuck lokked bad? lol

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