UFC 97: Keith Jardine vs Luis Cane Likely


UFC light heavyweight contender Keith Jardine will likely face Brazilian Luis Cane at UFC 97 on April 19 from The Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada – according to MMABay.co.uk.

According to the report, a source close to Keith Jardine has confirmed the rumor of the fight.

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  1. i saaid this before they did hahaha..

    Cain is a badass

  2. Who are the 2 dudes with Jardine?

  3. Cain throws very technical. Jardine is not technical lol. This gonna be interesting. It comes down to does Cain have the power to hurt Keith.

  4. yes, cain will walk jardine down. no joke.

  5. jardine needs to shave that pubic hair off his chin.

  6. Shogun of Harlem says:

    when he fights with his mouth open he looks like an old man with no teeth, just gums. hahaha

  7. I think Jardines monkey style is going to whoop Cane's ass.

  8. Shogun of Harlem says:

    I agree with you Kash, i think Jardine has his number.

  9. Poor Jardine. So Underrated and so unmarketable.

    Ever get the feeling that Dana is just waiting to get rid of him since he complained about not getting a title shot right before Alexander knocked him out?

  10. Chris Tinney says:

    miko. i agree. jardine is not getting enough love but, Alexander has proven it was a fight he should have won with his losses to silva, irvin and schafer. Cane is very underrated as well. and cane will get the victory.

  11. i think i would rather see jardine take on the blond in the photo

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