UFC 96: Shane Carwin Previews Fight With Gabriel Gonzaga

Shane Carwin takes on Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 96 “Jackson vs. Jardine”


  1. Carwin all the way, he would eat Cain alive and i would love to see Carwin vs Brock

  2. i like carwin but i think gabe is going to win this one.

  3. What you are all overlooking is Carwin is 34 years old, while i am sure Velasquez is still in his 20's and is a very accomplished athlete, Carwin while having a great wrestling background is much older and not as overal developed but i do want to see him fight more as he could hae a future but for how long we dont know. If he beats Gonzaga which i dont think he will then i will give him more credit as before this he has fought no names.

  4. I agree Roy, this will be a test for him but i think Gonzaga will win.

  5. Luke: ur half right & wrong, YES Gonzaga has alot more Xperience, most likely the better overall fighter, very hard punches, but strength & speed dont mean shit if u cant hit what ur trying to "kill" (as a fighter). I find Carwin 2 B exceptionaly quick & accurate and well the strength behind Carwins punches do not need to be talked about, b/c we all know after seing Carwin fight that his punches R thrown with crazy "bad intentions", I am even willing to say that he may punch the hardest in his weight division, along with Gabe.

    Though I am comfortable enough to say that Rashad Evans possibly has the hardest pucn in all of the UFC P4P, ever since Evans started training with Jackson in New Mexico, hes become the best LHW. I've seen Rashad fight & get tagged in the HW were he started & Rashad won TUF as a HW, WHAAAT?!? thats right HW, I have never seen him "ricked" or "in danger" from a punch & like I said hes been hit by alot bigger & stronger fighters @ HW, yet they still couldnt beat him.

    Thats Y I really do not think anyone in the LHW division will beat Rashad, unless Rashad isnt 100% physicaly or mentaly which then means its anyones fight to win, but a Rashad @ 100% is scary as hell, especially after his last 2 W's…….. the KO of The Ice Man lol, I dont even know if Chuck woke up from that yet, anyone know?!? LOL & then the brutal KO of Forrest which was impressive considering Forrest tattooed Evans the 1st round and part of the 2nd, by mixing it up good….. punch, kicks, nice foot work, & most importantly not standing toe – toe with Evans 2 try & find out who can KO who 1st, Forrest have a very good game plan b/c of two words…. (Randy

    Couture). BUT ur also trying to compete & beat Jacksons game plan, which IMO is the best coach/training camp/best overall coach in all of MMA. If I were to start up figthing in MMA & I could choose any place to train, hands down I'd be halfway to New Mexico.

    Numbers/Results never lie, Jackson has 2 fighters in 2 diff divisions & they R CHAMPS, but not only R they champs but they are champs in the 2 most talented & most feared divisions in all of the UFC/MMA. I dont think Anderson Silva could beat Rashad, b/c of 2 simple reasons, 1) Rashad is possibly a harder puncher (maybe it would be very close, but I see the KOs Evans has compared to Anderson… Anderson fed Cote with punches & kicks & Cote didnt flinch) dont know many fighters who were tagged by Rashad that ever got up right away, ask Chuck ahahahah & the guy who got KO'd by Evans with the kick to the face lmao OUCH!!! 2) Evans can take a pumch, I'm sure guys who weere 265+lbs who tagged Rashad can punch harder thn Anderson…. not all of them, Anderson has some sick punches but Rashad is crazy. With that said if Anderson went toe – toe with Rashad I think Silva would be ZZZzzzZZZ, we dont know if Anderson can take a punch from a fighter like Rashad, noone else has but we've seen Rashad & his titanium chin take many many punches to the face & he still hasnt lost a fight, you do the math, to me its basic 2+2=4

    Rashad & GSP R 2 very very sick fighters, & I pitty the guys who have to keep fighting these 2 gifted star fighters, who R gettign better & better in each fight. Compare GSP in April of 08 VS Serra 2, WOW amazing GSP, then GSP 4 months later VS Fitch WOW very very amazing, then 5 months later VS BJ…. OUCH talk about owning a guy whos been talked about 4ever as the best P4P fighter in the world & GSP ran him over like it was his 1st fight in MMA, when was the last time anyone could say that about BJ Penn?!? (getting owned & on the ground, OUCH) Noone couls say it b/c BJ's never been schooled or embaressed ever in his 10 + yrs of fighting, until he opened his mouth 2 the wrong guy hahaha I love it.

    As for Alves, ya I know hes GSP's hardest challenge…. which is what they said about Fitch then BJ would beat GSP… and now Alves, hes amazing no doubt but Fitch KO'd him & hes fighting GSP, I cant see Alves doing anything more than Fitch or BJ tried to do, GSP is simply on a whole diff level compared to 95% of all MMA fighters, the shit he does during training its almost unbelievable. Just watch him train and watch his videos on youtube!!!!

  6. Cain would destroy Carwin, but i dont think he will get the chance, as Gonzaga will probably ruin him first.

  7. naw foool Carwin would Man Handle Cain..

    Gabe is a other story.. Gabe is the number one guy right now, other than Brock and mir, so if carwin make it throw him WOW but carwin hasnt fight anyone hard yet so idk good match up..

  8. yeah i agree, carwin is a step above cain right now and his fight with gonzaga will be a big test for him.

  9. i am not overlooking it tim, i agree with you.just right now carwin is probally the better fighter but in the long run yes cain has way more potenial neither one of them has fought anyone but carwin has fought the better nobodies so far.its now or never for carwin this is his first step into the top of the devision but he has to try now where cain has alot of time to grow and i think down the road he will do great things. if carwin does win than he will be close to the top of the ufc.

  10. I dont think Carwin can handle Gabe’s power and im not sure he could handle Cain’s power. Other than Carwin’s age and his lack of experience, i think the fact his chin has not truly been test by anyone in the UFC should also come in to discussion. Gonzaga hits as hard as any of the heavyweights.

    Gonzaga to win by early KO (but what do i know).

  11. rashad? where did that tirade come from?

  12. While all those fighters hit exceptionally well i think its just a matter of timing and the spot of the punch. If your going to talk about hard hitting, talk Lesnar he broke Heaths orbital bone with one right hook i think it was, then he KO’s Randy with a punch taht slipped off his head and grazed him behind the ear i guess….so thats power being able to land a punch that just grazes someone and it knocks them down. We argue all day abbout who hits harder bottom line put the fighters in front of one of those machines that measures force per square inch and we willl see then but unitl then all we know is that they all hit hard.

  13. I think Rampage hits harder than Rashad in my opinion. I’ve no idea what that has to do with Shane Carwin Fighting Gabe Gonzaga but oh well.

  14. Tim, really with the Lesnar stuff? Seriously though, I agree with your first post. I think Gonzaga might be a little much for Carwin, but I don't think Cain is anywhere near their level yet, but I think he will get there soon.

  15. Cain is overrated. You Cain nuthuggers need to see more of Cain in action before hugging his nuts. Carwin at least has 11 fights under his belt. Gonzaga will be a real test for Carwin, but IMO, gonzaga will underprepare… mentally.

  16. has cain even fought anyone of any caliber yet? as good as he has looked i don't think the competition was there. i'm glad carwin is stepping up to better competition and not in another hype fight. we'll get to see what he's made of with this one.

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