UFC 96 Jackson vs. Jardine Video Trailer

UFC 96 Jackson vs. Jardine promo video


  1. Sooooooo, this one 'll probably go to a decision, right?…Hahahahahaha! Man I just wish there was a ten count rule for this fight. Although whoever gets caught first could more than likely get a 20 count and not wake up(read:Jardine)

  2. this crap should be free on spike.

  3. i agree Jackson vs, Jardine what a bummer ..and its the main event !

  4. main event and co main aren't bad at all..

    i hope jackson vs jardine is a war..end in the 2 or 3 not in the first couple of min

  5. Jardine should stick to fighting white dudes…Jackson doesn't fit the demographic of fighters he normally fares well against….maybe because they're boys and all, Rampage will go easy and just put Keith to sleep…..then again….?

  6. ok im confused…. as usual .. wasnt Jackson gonna fight Evans ? did i miss something ?

  7. Jackson will most likely fight Evans if he beats Jardne which everyone thinks will happen.

  8. My guess is they are doing this fight to bridge some time between now and ufc 100. Dana Is betting on Rampage to win and then fight Evans at 100 IMO. I imagine some of the cards will be weaker on some of the upcoming ppvs so they can make 100 one crazy card.

  9. RatAttack68 says:

    Rampage will beat Jardine but I hope its a good fight not another quick fight. Maybe Stevo is correct and 100 will be one hell of a fight card like Dec 27th. I would of liked to see Rampage destroy Machida and then fight Evans now that will be a good fight.

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