UFC 95 “Sanchez vs Stevenson” Video Trailer

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  1. sanchez at 155 will be a fucking beast..he won TUF as a middle weight and now he is a 155 watch out light weights

  2. Stupid event….Diego sucks and he's not fun to watch

  3. its a good thing this card is free. looks like joe daddy will get his 3rd loss in a row.

  4. yeah it dosn't look good for joe daddy, i forgot this one is free thank god otherwise it would be pretty weak.

  5. I don't see Diego having the advantage in this fight. Joe Daddy is superior at Diego's strengths. The only unknown factor is how strong Diego will be debuting at LW.

    Free is always better, especially after 3 PPV's in January. I'm going to have to get on a payment plan with dish after this month.

  6. This is a very poor Main Event… I live in Edinburgh, me & my pals generally travel to the UK shows – but I'm not going to pay out for this…

    Apart from Champion vs Champion – The UK shows cards have been weak… just the same fighters fighting on every card (Kelly/Taylor/Laudin/Davis/Hardonk etc…)

    In a perfet world.. it coulda' been…

    Wandi vs Anderson Silva at 185… OR

    Overeem vs Kongo… OR

    Tito (He will re-sign) v Rampage… OR

    Chuck v Crocop at a catch weight around 220

    I know why these fights aren't possible… Just thoughts….

  7. Its not the worst card they've put on but it's what you would expect for free. Hey DanP, what do they charge for tickets to UFC's in the UK?

  8. I live in England and have been to the Manchester show (when Gonzaga KO'd Cro Cop), The Rampage/Hendo fight in London and the last London card (Hughes vs. Alves). In my opinion all this show lacks is a big star main event, I mean Nate Marquardt vs. Wilson Gouveia is a good fight so is Demian Maia vs. Chael Sonnen. And Josh Koscheck is a very exciting fighter to watch.

    I am not going to this show as of yet but maybe i will if the money becomes available (damn economic crisis). The ticket sales have been very poor for this show, for the last 2 London shows top tier tickets sold out in a matter of days, with only a few weeks till the show, those tickets are still available from ticketmaster.

    Kash – Tickets are priced from £45 – £300.

  9. yeah luke they always seem to sell you guys short on the cards.they owe you guys a big card by now.

  10. I think the Ramp/Hendo fight was a great fight but I think the UK is due for not just a great fight but a complete card of quality fights.

  11. The thing is as a free card on Spike for you guys in America, this is a not bad show. But in England you have to pay an extra subscription fee to get the channel that carries UFC shows so this card is not technically free, and viewing figures are steady here so i dont think its much of a big thing like the ratings are in the U.S , and of course this means PPV numbers dont apply in this country.

    What im trying to say is the only thing that can make real money in the U.K is Fucking butts in seats.

    With a card like this you can attract people in the know about the sport, im a huge fan of Nate Marquardt so i would love to see him fight again. But to the general public in this country whose just call it Cage Fighting Nate is unknown, same goes for Sonnen and Maia.

    On September 8 2007 there was 16,000 people in the o2 for the Rampage/Hendo fight, the way this is looking they will be lucky to get 10,000.

    What we need is a big name that sells to general 'Cage Fighing' fans. Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Rampage, Wanderlei, GSP, Anderson Silva.

    There is nothing better than the atmosphere of 16,000 people going nuts for the likes of Cro Cop, Rampage, Hendo, and Bisping. I want to whitness that again so im begging Joe Silva to give us:-

    Couture vs. Nogueria.

    Wanderlei vs. Forrest.

    Bisping vs. Henderson.

    Alves vs. BJ/GSP.

  12. Patrick89 says:

    Weak main event, but still a good fight, and I think most of the fights on the card are great. I 'm not gonna bitch about something I don't have to pay for.

  13. DanP I like those fights u said. They all seem interesting and I would realy love to see Overeem fight Kongo. I think he would KO kongo to be honest. I thought the ramp vs hendo fight was boring as hell. Like watching college wrestling. Snooze…

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