UFC 95: Dan Hardy Looking To Knock Out Rory Markham

UFC fighter Dan Hardy talks about his upcoming UFC 95 fight with former IFL fighter Rory Markham.


  1. Planning to knock someone out is solid strategy, Sun Tzu look out.

  2. I hope this fight is a battle for three rounds.

  3. Ken shamrock got a good win last night…he looked like the old Ken

  4. Tank Abbout won in by KO in the 46 sec..Ken vs Tank is set

  5. dane drebin says:

    the wierdest thing about lastnight was that ken actually looked really good. i dont know if it was cuz the other guy was so slow but he looked really light on his feet.

  6. Ken looking good ? been awhile hasnt it ? Ken vs Tank now that will be weird

  7. dan hardy whooped his ass

  8. dan hardy whooped his ass

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