UFC 94 Video: Dana White VBlog Episode 1, WEC 38

Dana White poses the question, BJ Penn vs GSP? With all the Japanese fighters Dana was hosting at WEC 38, could this be the start of a wave of Japanese talent headed to the lightweight divisions of the WEC.


  1. Interesting that a lot of fighters think bj will finish gsp. I would love to see bj win but gsp seems ruthless now. I'm pullin for bj.

    also interesting that lawler was at wec. I hope the ufc can resign him. I would like to see him fight a silva.

  2. Judging from past experiences, I think it's safe to say GSP will have the cardio edge. So I tend to agree with the guys who think BJ wins the early rounds and GSP will be better in the late rounds. I really hope BJ is in great shape because this fight very well could be fight of the year then.

  3. Dana White = GREED

  4. this was a good blog, i already saw part 2 and its real weak.

  5. did you see him talking to kid yamamoto about coming to the wec that would be sick and hlep the wec alot they need to revamp there roosters they are looking a little thin and not enough top talent to face the guys they got that are good jens is about done and they need some more depth in there.

  6. did you see Kid Yomoto, or however you spell it..Kid is a badass and i think the best at 145..

  7. yeah tom he mite beat both brown and faber, i heard he mite even drop to 135 and fight miguel.

  8. I wish I could get Mike Vallely to come to my house and teach my kids to skate…

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