UFC 94: BJ Penn vs. GSP Toe to Toe Interview

BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre talk about strategies and legacy in a recent interview to hype their fight at UFC 94.


  1. wow i cant wait

  2. It seems like GSP is at a whole another level now. He has such confidence about him that he used to not have. I like them both, but i see BJPENN getting beat on this one. I am just happy Matt Hughes is out of the picture.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwww, that's just cruel. Who doesn't like matt hughes?!….oh, right…most people…but I kinda like his willingness to do what he could to get under the other guys skin…made for very entertaining tv! and he never held back in the ring…even hateable as he made himself..matt was never an ingrate..always appreciative to the sport. thats gotta count for something….plus gsp IS going down… :( grrrrr

  4. Matt cant hang anymore because he doesn't know how to cycle on roids….like Tiago Alves…

  5. dane drebin says:

    easy on the roid alligations man… it get way annoying hearing everyone accuse people of using roids. i will admitt tho i wouldnt be surprised if alves got caught for that shit

  6. maybe we could get an all roid division…all weights all roids all the time!!!!!!!!! matt sera,thiago alves,that hwt guy from elite who just got suspended…anyone waiting out a suspension has to fight for free in the meantime! The All Roid League!!!!! I like it…dibs!!

  7. Go GSP! :D

  8. BJ talks like a kid… a kid who can snap any part of your body…

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