UFC 93 Video: Marcus Davis Talks Fight With Chris Lytle

Marcus Davis vs. Chris Lytle at UFC 93


  1. i want to see chris vs Alves 2…. chris was kicking his ass, then he just got cut bs

  2. Dan Miller replaces injured Alessio Sakara at UFC Fight Night 17

    fuck that sucks for jake…I thibk this is much harder of a fight if, damn miller is like his bro Jim miller, jakes in for a long fight

  3. Junie Browen vs Cole Miller just added to UFN 17

  4. dane drebin says:

    tom im with you after u mentioned alves and chris i looked it up and watched it agin that was a sick fight. that stopage was bs it wasnt even a bad cut. i think davis will win but he damn sure better not take chris lightly

  5. Thanks Dane..I remember the fight and it was a badass stand up match and Chris was winning Until the cut..Thats says alot because alves is a killer ha

  6. I saw that fight too. That makes me root for Chris even more. I think he is the killer.

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