UFC 92 Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans Preview Fight Video

Sugar Rashad Evans is set to take on the UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin at UFC 92 “The Ultimate 2008″ on December 27 in Las Vegas.

Also on the card…

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva
Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira


  1. jackson vs silva will be a great fight and i do think it will be different but idk i like them both a lot, i just hope its like the first 2 tis they meet..

    If someone wins by knock out they will probley fight the winner of Forrest vs Evans

  2. Did they play the TUF 8 season espode 11???

  3. It will be great only if jackson (who I like) has learned how to stop eating silva's knees (owch!) otherwise this will be a bad day for rampage…and no ring ropes for him to fall through and avoid more punches and knees like in pride…but I do hope it lives up to all the anticipation for the fans of both…neither really a guy you can dislike for any obvious reasons…no?!

  4. yeah i like both of these guys as fighters i am leaning towards rampage if he comes in shape and is mentally ready i think he is the better fighter at this stage in thier careers but he has other issues that might make him lose

  5. do you think silva's gonna use the same old technique? or try to stand and punch with jackson ? (so not a good idea) if it aint broke…you know? I just don't see why he wouldn't try the same…hell, it even worked for griffin the few times HE tried it in their fight…it just seems like that is his achilles heel…like spider for franklin if jackson loses…for his kids' sake, i hope not.

  6. I think Silva will try to clinch and land knees as always. I do believe he will try to take Jackson down if he stuns him though. Wandi learned some things at extreme couture that we haven't had a chance to see yet. I expect his gnp to be more lethal. Wandi is the devil to Rampage and I think it will be one more victory for silva. One things for sure, this will be an entertaining fight. Both guys are class acts.

  7. AMEN BROTHERRRR! For sho'. I want to watch both these guys destroy their opponents cause it's always intense..aka jackson vs liddel or wandi vs jardine…but don't want to see either guy destroyed…the loser of this fight should mos def STILL hold much respect and get much love throughout ufc barring a total collapse…and I gotta believe rampage is NOT gonna come in unprepared for those high knees….. light hw or not…pride ufc or affliction or whatever…these are the the kida guys that MAKE this sport kick boxing's a$$ seven days a week and twice on sunday

  8. This could be fight of the year if it anything like their last 2 fights.

  9. didn't rampage lose both those fights after swallowing a couple of knees? I hope it's better than their last two…although my gramma had a saying 'bout hope……

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