UFC 92 Fighters Griffin, Evans, Nogueria and Mir Interviews at 2008 Video Game Awards

Forrest Griffin

Frank Mir

Big Nog

Rashad Evans

LL Cool J featuring UFC 92 fighters awkwardly dancing in the background.


  1. When LL Cool J did his performance and the fighters came out, I thought it was so awkward and stupid. All the fighters stood behind him awkwardly. I don't think any of them wanted to dance on tv, so they kind of moved a little bit bobbed their heads.

  2. Well Said Ryan, the fighters looked like they were pushed out on stage at the last minute and told to dance. Mir and big Nog just stand their, not event a swagger.


  3. i didnt' see the show but the interview was classic forrest.

  4. by the way i recommend that this girl takes over for joe rogan in the post fight interviews. she knows ufc like no other.

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