UFC 91: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva

If UFC 91 was not big enough, the Junkie is reporting that the UK Team Wolfslair has confirmed that its fighter former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has agreed to fight Wanderlei Silva at UFC 91 on Nov. 15 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

This will be the third meeting between the two fighters. Silva holds a 2-0 record against Jackson in the Japanese PRIDE fighting championships. In their last meeting in 2004, Silva knocked out Jackson in the second round at PRIDE 28 “High Octane”.

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  1. I see Rampage finally taking this one. I like wandy but I'm pulling for rampage in this fight. This is gonna be a killer card.

  2. Rampage better be training some good Thai clinch defense this time. Rampage is Wanderlei's perfect match up, Silva by tko in the second.

  3. I agree Rayburn. I do like Rampage, and I think he is good, but I don't think Silva will have any problem getting inside and getting in the clinch.

  4. i think its going to be a war. if silva rocks rampage he is going to come in to finish with the knees. it will be interesting to see whats changes over the years.

  5. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    I hope Silva goes 3 for 3. I like both and hope it's a war.

  6. I liked Rampage up until he said that the reason the ambulance didnt get to Sean Taylor in time is because he was black. That just completly turned me against him as a person. He is still a awesome fighter but Wanderlei not only hurt him with knees but to start off the one finish I think in the first fight he caught Rampage with a lserious hook and knocked him into the ropes. So he has the power to hurt him with fists and knees. UFC is a lil bit gayer with there rules for being on the ground. They tend to let them lay on eachother a lil too long and I hope they dont do that this time. I want to see stand up the WHOLE time. I am rooting for Wanderlei just for the fact that he is a true badass and always no matter what entertaining to watch fight.

  7. this is gonna a really good match cant wait to see it, lets see how these guys have changed over the years.

  8. Axe Murderer TKO round 2, rampage goes on another driving excursion after loss and ends up in prison. Man that would be hilarious.

  9. We all know this going to be a war……UFC is always saying fight of the year……This is it!!! If wand fights like he did vs. chuck it's all Rampage, but if we see the old Wand from pride watch out UFC…..Maybe he's back, last fight he shaved that big skull and he looked unstopable. Great fight…can't weight.

  10. This one is a toss up but Wandy seems to have Rampages number maybe the 3rd time is a charm whos knows…this is going to be great.

  11. its hard to say if it where before the forrest fight and the things that followed i would say rampage has the edge with him on a win streak and being champ he seemed to be at the peek of his career well wandy may have been on the downside of a great career, now though with all that rampage is going through i can't help but think this is bad timing for him to take on wandy who already holds to knock out wins over him.i hope rampage is mentaly ready and even if he is this should still be one hell of a fight.

  12. Roy..you bring up a good point i was thinkin the same thing…he has a new camp so lets see how it goes.

  13. i like rampage over silva hes gonna come back better than ever after that crazy decision against him when he fought forrest ….. tko 2nd round or decision at end of third with rampages hands held high

  14. I agree Rampage is great and he has evolved so much since coming over from Pride.

  15. i just hope doesnt stay too technical with the boxing and just let them fly and catch wanderlei and puts him away

  16. like he did to chuck

  17. It's the biggest fight in mixed martial arts history! 3-time UFC Heavyweight Champ Randy "The Natural" Couture returns to the Octagon and puts his title on the line against the biggest opponent of his career, wrestling powerhouse Brock Lesnar. Can the legend prevail? Or will a new hero rise?

    Check out the results at http://www.iwebie.com/ufc-91-results

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