UFC 90 Video: In-Dept Look At Diego Sanchez vs. Thiago Alves

Diego Sanchez vs. Thiago Alves are set to lock horns at UFC 90 “Silva vs. Cote” on Oct. 25th from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL


  1. this will be the best fight on the card. thiago looks like a bull. thiago wins by tko in the 2nd rd.

  2. This fight is badass. Sanchez looks tiny next to Thiago, but I think it's gonna be a dangerous fight for Thiago conditioning wise, if sanchez can get on his bike and make Thiago work for the first couple of rounds. There's no way a guy cuts that much weight and keeps up with the pace that Sanchez sets. That being said it depends on whether Diego keeps moving or decides to engage in a slugfest which is also possible and probably not good for him.

  3. I am a big fan of Diego, but Alves looked top caliber in his last couple of fights. And he's huge…the guy should be challenging Silva for the title at middleweight.

  4. alves looks like he could fight at 205, the guy is huge

  5. Yeah he is is solid but remember that h is only like 5"8. I know u were being sarcastic and all but most guys who fight at LHW are 6"1 and above besides maybe rashad who is a small LHW but bulding to fit in that weight class.Diego has had a tough time fighting the Top guys in 170lb div. and it will be interesting to see how thiago does against him. If Thiagohandles him easy u can excpect a title shot to come his way but if Diego wins then maybe a Koscheck vs Diego 2 is in the works. Who knows but i am curious to see what happens.

  6. i hope thiago can make that weight. he is a real big guy for 170. he could probably fight paulo fiho at 185. he is probably much stronger than diego, but diego's pace and conditioning are amazing. interesting match up.

  7. i think there both pretty tough but you guys are right alves is huge and could easily fight at 185 where deigo could make 155 if he wanted.

  8. oh yeah i get it that hes only 5"8 but if you look at him in pictures and every other photo of him with guys in this own weight class he just looks like lesnar looks in most pictures, ALOT bigger than his competition

  9. steveo thats true he is the 170 version of the 155 melvin guillard.

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