UFC 90 “Silva vs. Cote” Results LIVE

UFC 90 “Silva vs. Cote”, Saturday, October 25, live on Pay-Per-View from Rosemont, IL. The Pound-for-pound best fighter in the world Anderson “The Spider” Silva returns to the cage to defend the UFC Middleweight title against French-Canadian contender Patrick “The Predator” Cote. Plus, Josh Koscheck replaces the injured Diego Sanchez and take on Thiago “Pitbull” Alves for a top spot in the UFC welterweight division.





  1. Hope Cote gets beat quick to show he doesn't belong in the cage with Anderson Silva. If by some chance Silva loses which would be the real biggest upset in MMA history, bigger then GSP losing to Serra and even bigger then kimbo losing to Seth lol, but Silva would kill Cote in the rematch. Cote hasn't fought anybody. They should have Silva fight top 205 fighters.

  2. Patrick89 says:

    Cote is pretty tough, all the same he isn't on the level of Anderson Silva, but he has a good chin and a punchers chance. He had a close decision with Chris Leben and I would consider Leben a pretty tough fighter, even though Anderson tore through him. By some freak chance that he wins, it obviously would be a huge upset, but I still think Matt Serra vs GSP would be the bigger one.

  3. this fight isnt even going to be worth watching. Silva is going to give him a beat down. It is interesting how Ritch Franklin is going to fight in the 205 division now. He is doing it because he knows it is the only chance to get a belt. He knows that Silva has his number.

  4. It's not like it hasn't been done before. Isn't that what Randy did? KTFO twice by Chuck so he goes back to heavyweight to take out Tim.

    Unlike Randy ,Franklin doesn't have a chance to get the belt though. He better have the Quarry fight tivo'd because that is going to be his last highlight.

  5. Rich Franklin is a fairly viable fighter at 205 he is 24 and 3 in his mma career 2 losses to the best p4p fighter in the world. of those 24 wins he has has knocked out or submitted 22 of the fighters. he has always been a physically big than most of the 185ers. 205 is prolly the second or third deepest weight class but to say that he does not have a chance is a little premature. I know he doesnt always look that exciting when he fights but outside of anderson silva fights Rich Franklin has been a truly dominant fighter in mma he has good ground skills and very good standup. I dont even really like him that much cause he looks like Shane from the shield and he has goofy facial expressions in the octagon but he is a warrior dont be surprised if he at least gets a title shot sometime before his career is over.

  6. Speaking of Ritch Franklin, does anyone think he kinda looks like Jim Carrey alittle?

  7. Zalbag – I try not to hate on here without some facts to at least back me up. Well , you busted me.

    All I've got is I think Anderson Silva broke Rich's warrior spirit and that he trains with that douchebag Gurgel.

  8. Dave – thats why his nickname is "Ace". As in Ace Ventura Pet Detective played by jim carrey…

  9. UFC 90 is so freakn stacked! When has there ever been a fight card this good from top to bottom?

  10. im not hatin either im just trying to revitalize Rich Franklins career all by myself. you do have a very good point about his spirit being broken imagine assuming u are the champ and some guy you have prolly never heard of comes out of nowwhere destroys you completely. Then in the rematch in your hometown after almost a full year of training dedicated to defeating one man and he beats you just as badly the second time. that has to jack you up mentally in the cage at least like forever i like your point as well jake.

    ps gurgel is kinda garbage

  11. Looks like an awesome card I have :

    Silva (strikes)

    Alves (strikes)

    Werdum (submission)

    Sherk (strikes)

    Maynard (submission)

    Fisher (strikes)

    Franca (submission)


  12. Looks like Diego is out and Koscheck is in. Alves either way.

  13. here's the link since it isn't up here. http://www.ufc.com/index.cfm?fa=news.detail&g

  14. Is this supposed to be up here now?

  15. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Silva by KO in rd 1

    Koscheck by dec

    Sherk by dec

    Werdum by ko in rd 2

  16. Silva by TKO in Round 1

    Kos by UD

    Sherk by UD

    As for Rich Franklin, I think he is very underrated. The guy destroys everyone not named Anderson Silva. He is a viable threat at 205

  17. Upsets- Alves, Dos Santos, Sell

  18. Cote no good fighter. If he wins I will punished Silva personally for his failure!

  19. cote could make a upset… cote has a lot off power and has never been knocked out and chris hits hard and couldnt do anything…

    Anderson is a way better all around striker but cote does have the power and chin so idk i do think it will be a pretty good fight

  20. I knew Pete Sell would do his thing tonight!!!!!!!! I am so proud of him. As for Anderson, I bet all my chips that Cote gets knocked out in the first round. Don't get me wrong, Cote is a damn good fighter, just not good enough to beat Anderson.

  21. I figured that the fight with Sherk and Griffin would go to a decision. Both fighters are tough as nails. Griffin has never been knocked out before and Sherk has been knocked out twice, but by two of the best fighters in the UFC.

  22. Maynard has never actually lossed a fight, however there's always a first time for everything, and I believe it may be at the hands of Clementi tonight.

  23. PooPooPlatter says:

    Nice use of the same photo over again. Couldn't find a different pic?

  24. There you go poo…I like the Anderson Silva pink shirt pic … did you get a little board during the Maynard fight or what?

  25. i feel you goes way overrate silva he has four losses and he was submitted by a heellock and a flyscissor heel lock by little guys hes lost more times than franklin to lesser oposition and hes going to fall off that tower you all put him on. he is a great fighter but fedor is way less publicized and i put fedor in a category only myths and legends could touch fedor is as close to a god in the flesh that ive ever seen a man come!

  26. Silva's Wins says:

    Silva wins wins by TKO as expected.

  27. well silva didn't really beat cote. cote's knee just gave out and could not continue. silva by TKO. must be disappointing. i do not want to see a rematch however. i would like to see GSP vs silva before silva retires in 2009.

  28. Silva was beating Cote though. Sucks that Silva might have to waste one of his last fights against a Cote rematch but maybe that rematch would be good since Cote went into the 3rd round at least. I honestly think Silva took him a bit light cause he didn't look as good as he usually does.

  29. Big Mic. you just completely overrated Fedor just there, lol belongs only in myths and legends hahaha, first of all Fedor has never been the guy who faces the best at heavyweight he wont even sign a one fight contract to face Randy, Fedor is one of the best heayweights out there right now and has been for a very long time, but the record doesn't make the fighter, Silva is the best because he continues to face the top fighters at 185 and has been consistent with all of his victories no matter who he lost to in the past!

  30. Silva did a lot of showboating. I wonder how much of that was strategy and how much was him playing around in there. Cote can take a punch, it sucks that his knee popped out. I don't think Silva was ever going to be in too much danger in that fight though.

  31. banshee350tx says:

    Silva could have finished it at anything. The whole fight stank like a set up. Silva played around for 3 rounds. Then Cote hurts his knee, and Herb Dean stops the fight before a doctor looks at it.

    Dana calls out Elite on fight fixing, this looks just has shady. Uncool for the whole sport. Fighter don't dance and offer to help the other up. Pro_wrestler's do that.

  32. Upsetting. I was happy to see Alves win, but I wanted him to knock out Koscheck. Yeah, Maynard and Clementi was VERY boring. I would love to have seen the end of Cote and Silva.

  33. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    This fight wasn't fixed banshee, people are so stupid sometimes. Things like this happen. Whenever something strange happens stupid people call it a fix. You think UFC would ever be dumb enough to fix a fight especially after what happened with EliteXC? What sucks now is that Cote might get another shot even though Silva was taking him apart. To Cote's credit he was taking it and lasted into the 3rd round which no1 else in the UFC has done but his time was coming. Silva did dance too much and didn't look like he took Cote seriously enough. With that said Cote really didn't do anything to Silva but survive!

  34. Ugh maynard is so boring.

    Was anyone else watching the Maynard and Clement fight, Yelling at their TV, screaming at the ref to STFU!?

    My god that guy was so annoying with his non-stop pointless and stupid warnings. It was like they hired some local cokehead to ref the fight.

  35. PS, Oswald Gobblecock Speaks the truth

  36. jbraytown says:

    I have been training in martial arts for over thirty years and what I saw tonight was a steaming pile of bullshit. Anderson Silva who I have had complete respect for since he bursted into the scene with his skillfull defeat of Chris Leben, clowned around and goofed on Cote for the first two rounds, completely out of character for Silva and then in round three Cote blows his own knee out which could happen to anybody. I thought it was fucked up that Silva although he coud have ended this fight at anytime ,continued to goof around walking and picking his shots at random, let Cote get to round three and ultimatley injure himself. Silva has allways displayed class and respect for his opponents however in this case he was show-boating and trying to put on a display of his superior skills. That is not what a worldclass athlete should do, he should have went out and fought to win from the beginning,not dance and walk to humilliate his opponate, Silva may be the pound for pound best fighter in MMA but he has lost a fan here. He may as well have been acting like the ego-centric Matt Hughes, and we see where that got him….

  37. YC whoever you are, you told Big Mic the real! Couldn’t have been said better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Oswald, me and a couple of friends were watching the fight at my place and we said the same thing as a joke, that Dana White was sick of Silva finishing people fast and wanted him to make it last longer. We were joking though. It was kind of weird that he was playing with him so much though.

  39. Silva is clearly the best at 185 but I honestly think he was getting frustrated at Cote since Cote wasn't making stupid mistakes, the two things Silva looks for when he attacks are his opponents dropping their hands or standing still, neither of which Cote did which is why Silva kept dancing around. Cote really was doing better than any other opponent Silva had faced to date, partly because his anomalous head can really take a punch.

    See the close-up of Cote's knee afterwards, was already turning blue and starting to sausage up between his calf and thigh!!! That sucks.

  40. On a side note, although Silva can pick apart guys in 205 division, I don't believe he has what it takes to beat the best of the 205's.

  41. Nothing I've seen tells me that he won't do well against top 205's in the UFC. He is fast strong and lengthy. He would whoop some ass in that division too.

  42. PooPooPlatter says:

    Much better photo CagE :)

    I was bored…

  43. I think Brock lesler should be matched up with Bob Sapp. Two big guys, why not? What do you think?

  44. Are you kidding?

  45. Ok maybe not a main event but a Co-main event. You think this is a bad match up?

  46. Lesnar vs Sapp…Hmm although it would be fun to see it will never happen in the UFC. Sapp could never make the 265lbs wieght limit as i think he wieghs in the area of 370lb and its not fat that man is huge bigger than Brock but if it did happen in Japan where they had no wieght limit for HWGHT i see Brock winning as brock can use his wrestling skills to just pick the man up and slam him down as Bob like to come at people and swing where brock can duck shoot and either take him down or pick him up and slam him WWE style on his back. Sapp has no real MMA skills other than punching and maybe kicking but every fight he has lost has been to fighter with ground game. Anywyas we arent even on that subject..what the fuck was Silva thinking…i am at a loss to any words…was he telling the UFC he wants more competition?

  47. Rogan's beard was SWEEET! I think i saw a bird land in that thing at one point.

  48. At least Welterweight is all figured out. Silva prolly wont fight the UFC 94 winner til spring 09 but now we have a pecking order. It seems like they now will have a round robin of Fitch, Kos, Sanchez to determine the next penn/stpierre challenger. Im glad alves won cause it will be a very exciting title shot. (if he makes weight)

  49. Completely unrelated:

    I don't think Lesnar would waste the energy to pick up Sapp. I think he would just go straight to the ground.

    I agree with Zalbag. The welterwieght division has gotten more interesting lately with these top 6 or 7 fighters. I'm not gonna lie, I do want to see Koscheck fight GSP again because of the things he said about being able to EASILY beat GSP now.

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