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UFC 89 “Bisping vs. Leben” – Saturday, October 18, Englishman Michael “The Count” Bisping will will do battle against Chris “The Crippler” Leben. Also on the card Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine will look for redemption from his last fight with Wanderlei Silva and take on Brandon “The Truth” Vera.

Saturday, October 18 – FREE on SPIKE TV – Starting at 9pm EST.

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  1. Jardine vs Vera that might be interesting … hope Leben pulls it out

  2. its not a stacked card as far as big names but there is alot of interesting match ups that look fairly even, i think it will be a good night of fights

  3. Sokoudjou 's fight im interested in, he is kind of the guy that promoters feel with a few more years experience could be a serious title contender he has good stand up and developing ground game he is very athletic and very tough. he ko'ed Noguiera at pride 33 in like 35 seconds. he is also a judo champ

  4. Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben

    Results: Bisping strikes

    Keith Jardine vs. Brandon Vera

    Results: cant pick a winner Jardine is a wildcard never know what he is going to do

    Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Luiz Cane

    Results: Cane strikes

    Marcus Davis vs. Paul Kelly

    Results: Davis submission

    Paul Taylor vs. Chris Lytle

    Results: Lytle submission

  5. Leben





  6. jbraytown says:

    got all the winners right but who knew there would be so many that went to the judges

  7. Vera vs Jardine. The even though it was close, imo/ the judges made a mistake

  8. it was a good ufc but the last two fights weren't nearly as good as i thought they would be. i can't believe bisping said his gameplan was to sick and move to a decison all along. thats not what fans want to hear.

  9. Yeah I think that the dec. for Jardine was correct but it as close. Also everyone knows that all u have to do on Leben is avoid his hooks and stick and move. It may not be the most exciting thing but like Forrest did Bisping has started to develop good game plans and even though he didnt really impres me too much I still want to see him fight Nate Marquardt. I think Marquardt would tear him apart but hell the UFC makes Bisping out to be awesome so why not give him an awesome fighter.

  10. dane drebin says:

    sucks leben lost but damn he looks like a new person i hope he doesnt go on some drunken crazy time and sticks to what he's been doing cuz physically he looks like a different fighter. i think one of lebens main problems is he doesnt have good enough training partners. his fight with bisping went about the way i thought it would but not the way i had hoped.

    im pretty sure bisping wont fight until he completes the ultimate fighter as the coach i think either dan or rich will destroy him. and he has no chance against silva that is for sure i would way rather see dan take a second shot at silva but i honestly think rich will out point the agin dan henderson.

    vera vs jardine was a close one and i hate to see two people who desperately need a win face eachother because someone always has to lose but thats the name of the game i suppose.

    sucks that soko lost the way he did he looked really good in round one but seemed like he gassed. it seemed like henderson gassed in his last fight too maybe they need to focus more on conditioning at their camp but they seem like it shouldnt be a problem. sucks that soko's not livin up to all the hype he came to the ufc with. maybe cane just really is that damn good.

    oh and i cant wait to see davis vs lytle i think davis takes it.

    I also wanna see carwin face a real opponent because he is a beast!

  11. Hmm? Brandon Vera in another boring fight what a supprise ,,.. i just think hes boring to watch lately ..and the Bisping fight was a snore also .. but B isping did what he had to do to win i guess .as Dane said someone real good will destroy him

  12. i new cain was going to win..he is a legit fighter and was the best unknow fighter in my eyes..

    jardine looked really good, vera looked lazy out there..

    chris need to throw more and take micheal down a lottle more and he would have won

  13. I was thought Jardine looked horrible in this fight. Chris Lytle has a really wild style, and I agree with you Dane, Davis will take it. I was not happy with the Bisping and Leben outcome. Bisping landed more strikes, but Leben pushed the pace the whole time and controlled the ring for much longer. I thought Bisping didn't really do anything special and constantly kept moving away from Leben. And did anyone else hear Bisping say after the fight that winning by decision was his gameplan?

  14. PooPooPlatter says:

    Bisping was jabbing while backing up (ala Kalib) the entire night. It made for a very boring fight.

  15. yeah, but a lot of times, he was just moving back, avoiding Leben's shots. He seemed to be only taking the safe route.

  16. whoa, I didn't notice the Rachelle Leigh nude pics link was right there. Nice. She is incredible.

  17. is there a bigger enigma as a fighter than Keith Jardine? no matter how he looks at least he goes out with a gameplan and has good cardio. I hate guys who feel like they dont need a gameplan or good cardio. because then you end up with a fight like the sokoudjou fought.

  18. well said. i'm never impressed with jardine but he gets it done. he brought back monkey style hands in this fight for a second. vera is disappointing. they should bump him down to the preliminary card and make him work his way back up.

    the fight i want to happen is lesnar taking on shane carwin. two big powerful guys looking to take each others heads off.

  19. I just read on a few websites that dana white has already picked bispings next match. the winner of Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson will be the other coach of tuf us vs uk. they will face off against bisping, I can only assume for no 1 contender status.

  20. In the article they make no mention of what weight it will be at which is the only confusing part.

    here lies

    Michael Bisping

    1979-TUF 9 finale


  21. Nice. Yeah, I don't see Bisping being evolved enough as a fighter to coach TUF, or take on Franklin or Henderson. Are they going to film TUF in UK, because it seems like lately Bisping only fights and trains in UK. Of course, I also could have just not been paying attention.

  22. I dont think Rich will kill Bisping but Hendo might. Also I think bisping is lacking in the ground but the main reason he isnt a top contender is because he dont have that one punch power and even though forrest griffin doesnt either Forrest is great at picking people apart and Bisping well he just isnt on the lvl needed to be a title contender atleast in my book he isnt.

  23. i most definitely think Rich Franklin would kill him i posted this last week but Rich Franklin is 22-3 in his mma career. one loss to machida the other two to silva. out of those 22 wins 20 are by submission or KO. he has been a very dominant fighter I think he might even beat Hendo. the more i think about it this Rich Franklin vs Hendo fight is one of the most underrated fights coming up its a very hard to predict outcome.

  24. Talking to different people, I think Franklin is very underrated. I'm not sure why, but a lot of people think he isn't that good. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but all I have to say is that he had the title for a reason. Silva rocked him, which really didn't come as a surprise to many people, but it will be interesting to see how the Hendo fight goes.

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