UFC 87: Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring

Former WWE superstar Brock Lesnar will take on “The Texas Crazy Horse” Heath Herring (28-3) at UFC 87 “Seek and Destroy”, August 9 from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The news comes just a day after it was reported that UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman injured his knee and could not compete at UFC 87.

Herring is coming off a huge decision win over UFC up and comer Cheick Kongo at UFC 82 “Pride of a Champion”. In his previous fight at UFC 73, Herring had UFC heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira knocked down and stunned, but let him recover and ending up losing a close decision.

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  1. whodini says:

    Heath is in for one major ass whooping never was a big Herring fan

  2. Businessman says:

    I am not sure about that. I am not a big Heath fan neither but he does have ground skills. The problem is he fights like to passive. He needs to be more agressive and stop giving up his back. If he gives up his back, Lesnar will pound his ass to submission. He need to try and stand and knock him out or submit him.

  3. I guess Lesnar isn't looking for tune up fights, Herring is a good fighter. I think this is a much harder fight for Lesnar than Coleman.

  4. LESNAR vs SHANE CORWIN would be awesome.

  5. ufc is throwing brock to the wolfs..and kimbo is getting spoon feed hahaha kimbo is a pussy

  6. well just yesterday lesnar was getting spoon fed you dumb ass. finally a decent fight for lesnar. even though herring is no bad ass. he shows up to fight every other fight like most ufc competitors. time for more companys to venture in mma, and stick with it to compete with those dicks (dana black)

  7. dane drebin says:

    OC7 i think ur the dumbass lesnar wasnt getting spoon fed with coleman. coleman is an olympian, has better wrestling credentials than brock, and has only lost to top ten fighters. kimbo is fighting nobody's. so shut the hell up. this will be a big test for lesnar but i think lesnar has this one in the bag herrings takedown defence is weak and i see brock smashing his face for a couple rounds until this one is called.

  8. I think Dana and Brock want to send the message to Elite that Brock won't take the easy fights.

  9. whodini says:

    is it time for Brock to fight Kimbo?

  10. its alot harder fight than coleman i think, lesnar should have what it takes to win but herring could beat him.

  11. Nate Fury says:

    I have to hand it to Lesnar for getting right in there and fighting the best heavyweights the UFC has to offer. I must say Herring is a slight favorite in my oppinion and will test Lesnar's standup, unlike Lesnar's previous two opponents. If Lesnar and his wrestling background use the same strategy as Jake O'Brien did against Herring, then we could see a upset at UFC 87. Though Herring was fighting O'Brien with a bum knee at the time. A healthy Herring will be tough to take down. Lesnar however, is a much larger and stronger opponent than O'Brian and if he overpowers Herring to the ground, we could see some serious g & p. I have a strong feeling that Lesnar is training hard to not let what happened in the Mir fight happen to him again. Getting caught in a silly submission is not an option for Lesnar, if he wants to be a contender in the heavyweight division.

  12. true that

  13. I liked watching Herring back in the pride days… but he's not looked very good in the UFC so far… I think Lesnar is going to be a big problem for him – Probably be a boring Wrestling match like the O'Brien fight…

  14. dane drebin says:

    ive never seen a boring lesnar match… he either stops his opponents or gets subbed in trying to do so

  15. Thats true. Lesnar is a beast and its exciting just watching how big and fast he is. Plus he will be really agressive in his fights until he gets more experience and learns to settle down. This is a good matchup, no easy fight for either guy here.

  16. Doesnt matter who Lensar faces he is just so exciteing to watch in my opinion i can not remeber the last time i saw a man his size and his strength and aggility in the UFC. if fact i dont believe there ever has been a man like him ever. The guy is incredible and is just so fast for such a big and strong fighter. I do not believe there is anyone in the UFC that Lesnar can not take down, he is just that good and strong, he took Mir down at will and when he tried to go for and arm bar lesnar just powered out of it and almost broke Mirs arms in the process. Lesnar wins all the way but it will be a tough fight.

  17. bad feeling that lesnar loses due to being to agressive, dominating herring for a while then getting hit as he is coming in like randleman did against chuck. all correct that there is no MMA fighter than can stop his take downs.

    Randleman has admitted it. everyone knows it. Mir said that the lesnar hits were some of the hardest he has ever taken. Lesnar is the strongest and Fastest in the heavyweight div. he needs to utilise these god like attributes with some serious gameplans and submission training. this guy could really be the future of the UFC.

    Unlike one Kimbo fucking slice. whos toughest fight yet was against a guy with a questionable chin (proved that he does have one) and a scapegoat via punching him in the fucking ear colussos thompsoon.

    Lesnar will murder kimbo fucking slice.

  18. Im definitely rooting for Lesnar on this one. He is one of the most exciting fighters in my opinion, and i expect him to beat Herring in the 1st round.

    Kimbo v Lesnar would be so awesome; although i think Lesnar would win quite easy. Kimbo isnt bad though, people need to stop going on about how bad he is, he is pretty good just not that good. Will be interesting to see him against someone decent. :)

  19. Nate Fury brock really didnt get caught in a silly submission its just that mirs good. Just look at what he did to Tim Sylvias arm

  20. a, Brock got caught in a knee bar. It is a pretty embarrassing way to be beat, especially with someone of brocks size. Brock needs to clean up and watch out for the easy submissions.

  21. first of a knee bar aint see to pull off..

    brock was just train for like a year when he got into the cage and fight Mir is was a champ at one time

  22. god will strike u down with lightning for those who say brock will lose !

  23. and what will happen to you if he does lose.

  24. dane drebin says:

    anybody could get caught from a kneebar by mir… have u ever been in a knee bar before mike they are way painful

  25. Realwun says:

    Knee bars do hurt just like Dane said. The knee is very strong so it takes a while to actually rock the joint out of socket most times. But it's important to tap early and often from a knee bar because when it goes…it goes for good. Meaning, if you tear those ligaments you'll never quite be the same.

    Brock tried to spin out of the knee bar which is the correct thing to do he just didn't do it in time. I didn't think it was deep but if Mir didn't get a knee bar he had the ankle lock right there.

    If you want to see a great example of a kneebar watch Rua vs. Randleman.

  26. I think Lesnr is gonna take out Herring for sure(1st round is my call)! Did u see Mirs face after the fight? If Lesnar woulda just kept it a G&P match instead of standing up making his leg vulnerable the ref woulda stopped it and gave it to Lesnar. Brocks ownly had 1 MMA fight, where is Mir had 13 before there fight. Mir was lucky that Lesnar stood up due to his inexperience. Brock truely don't care who he fights, he wants the best. I truely believe, no pun intended he will be "the next big thing", in the ufc if he can hone his skills. He's a tank with extraordinary striking power, and excellent G&P skills. Dana's just gotta make sure he don't piss Lesnar off like he did Tito, or Arlofski. If 2 many good fighter leave the UFC, i might have to switch to Affliction. Brock all the way!!

  27. I dont know who said it but whoever said herring needs to sprawl and stay on their feet is on drugs. Lesnar got knee barred by an ex champ who is a BJJ black belt, who was also getting some help from the ref(back of the head shots please, how about 20 seconds of unanswered gnp that the ref should of stopped the fight for). I personally think that herring is going to be on his back and getting ground out. Herring actually said in an interview that he will be able to stop brocks takedowns. Now I know that Herring is on drugs. Frank Mirr 245 pound of rag doll in the fight with lesnar. Herring will fair no better and he has less submissions that Mirr.

  28. aaron Horner says:

    What ever the case may be. I think that if Brock gets some good training and some more fights he' s going to be a top contender in no time. I like the fact that UFC is giving him some good competition, it will only make Brock better in the long run. There is no question of his power, the knock down with his jab to Mia, but he needs to get more familiar with the ground game in the UFC. Hands down he made a mistake his last fight, Mia used his experience. If it wasn't for that experience Mia would have gotten man handled like he was until he quit or got knocked out.I hope Brock has knocked off the rust and shows his true potential in this next fight.

  29. fuck lesnar he has 2 fights and he lost his first ufc fight and the only reason he is in the ufc is because he was in wwe witch is a fucking joke any 1 that like wwe is a dumb ass!! he should not even be in the wec there r other fighter that have to work there ass off and they are way better then lesnar and dont even make it to the wec!! HE IS A JOKE!!!!! and the ufc should be in barest to have him in the ufc!!!!!!

  30. lesnar is a handful for anyone besides fedor and probally Nog b/c of their ground game. But I think Mir would have got finished if the faggot ass ref hadnt stoppped it for hitting the back of the head which should be legal.

  31. Atleast the rule should be the liddell mohawk but definetly not the earmuffs and back bullshit.

  32. crazycowboy says:

    lesnar is a punk why dont you put him against chuck ,rampage are,forest are,.courtur

    then see what his got becaus his size wont mater than he will realy have to fight then he can go back to wcw are what ever gay job he did before

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