UFC 86: Frank Mir vs. Justin McCully

frank mir

MMAWeekly is reporting, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir will take on Justin McCully at UFC 86 on July 5 in Las Vegas.

sources close to both camps have confirmed. Bout agreements have been signed

Frank Mir (11-3-0) last stepped into the cage at 81 defeating Brock Lesnar by submission in the first round.

McCully (8-3-2) has not fought since April of last year, due to an injury that forced him off a scheduled bout at UFC 77. McCully’s last win came at UFC Fight Night 9 where he defeated Antoni Hardonk by unanimous decision.


  1. hes fighting a no buddy

  2. I agree this guy mcCully is seriously a nobody this guy is not even in mirs league ending early in the 1st round due to a submission from mir

  3. whodini says:

    WOW … Frank looks great …i still like ol Frank i hope he continues to kick ass i never seen him look so good he always looks as hes in half way decent shape

  4. we all know frank has the tools to become champ again. he needs to beat up the cans to boost his confidence first and return to the old frank. and taht pic is an old picture.

  5. no offense i don't think frank is that good at all,he has great bjj skills and thats it,the only person he has ever beaten was tim and thats cause tim had no respect for him and got caught.he had a hard time beating sims and thats before the accident after he has looked like shit beating lesnar who's a rookie did not say alot to me.

  6. i think taking multiple sledge hammers to the face counts for something for mir in his last fight….

  7. i wouldn't put it past the ufc to give frank beatable fights and give him a shot at the title. hate him or love him he would bring some good sales in for a HW championship match.

  8. don't get me wrong his win over lesnar proved he can take a beating and win and i don't think he sucks he is just not that good, and i think he would match up well with nog, i think nog will beat him but he would make it a good fight but if you put him up against vera or other top h.w.'s and he will get beat bad.

  9. I dont get this fight.. why is Mir fighting a no body.. I dont know UFC.. i was hoping a fight agaisnt Nogueira. Mir has a joke fight coming up.. Mir will KILL him

  10. You guys are idiots, Mc Cully is a great matchup for Mir, they are both bjj black belts which means they'll probably stand up and bang. This fight will prove how good Mir really. Being one of Mc Cullys students ill tell you that Mir is not gonna have it that easy on the ground or on his feet. GO COACH MC CULLY

  11. he's the one who pulled out and all you haters suck on it been doing this since most of you were in grade school Mir was gona be my stepping stone so he pulled out….

  12. yeah justin let em know.youll all get horrified trust me.

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