UFC 85 News: Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans Off

MMARated is reporting that Chuck Liddell sustained an injury and won’t be able to compete at UFC 85.

Chuck Liddell recently injured himself and will not be fighting Rashad Evans at UFC 85 at the 02 Arena London, England, on June 7. No word on the extent of the injury and how long he will be out but plans are for both men to face each other later in the summer.

It is not yet known whether the UFC will replace Liddell or scrap the fight all together. One thing for sure, this leaves UFC 85 without a true main event.

UFC 85 is set to take place on June 7 from the O2 Arena, London England.

UFC 85 Main Card

Brandon Vera vs. Fabricio Werdum
Thales Leites vs. Nate Marquardt
Martin Kampmann vs. Jorge Rivera
Marcus Davis vs. Mike Swick

Preliminary Card

Roan Carneiro vs. Ryo Chonan
Luiz Cane vs. Jason Lambert
Thiago Tavares vs. Matt Wiman
Jess Liaudin vs. Paul Taylor
Antoni Hardonk vs. Neil Wain


  1. bummer dude …..i was hoping to see ol rasheed get owned once and for all…. dam it jim… i have waited for this a long time

  2. and Brandon Vera who wants to see him fight again?

  3. from the likes of the picture above, it looks like chuck may have strained his penis muscle.

  4. i never get tired of seeing this picture on this site. too bad it got called off. some of these fights are good but it will be a big disappointment if the main event is wierdum vs. vera.

  5. I am totally pissed off – Me and my pals have spent a furtune on tickets, Hotels and Flights down from Edinburgh!!!

    The UFC better sort out a quality replacement head line with some big names… Chuck made the card worth seeing

    Who the fuck is antoni Hardonk!

  6. I couldn't make my mind up whether to spend the money to see this one when Chuck was fighting. Now there is no question. Forget it.

  7. Without Chuck

    That Card is shite….

  8. damn i wanted to see chuck knock out evans so bad..and this card is ok but i wonder who is will fight??

  9. also all the other good lhw are in up coming fight and he has no one other than stepen but rashed beat him already but maybe

  10. they need to scratch evens too you don't want him to be the headliner and just get a new main event, alot of people are saying chuck never wanted to go to england in the first place he will only fight in vegas or california that sucks if he is faking it but who knows.

  11. I have to agree with everyone else, THIS CARD IS NOW OFFICIALLY one of the worst ever. I like to watch Kampman but other than that I am not wasting 50 bucks to watch a fight night live caliber card. Sorry Dana you better figure something out or you will have a record low PPV buys. And I don't think Chuck is faking it, hes prolly just busy getting down with some honeys on the dance floor :)

  12. The need to put up a good match because this is probably the worst card in the last two years. They need a heayweight or middleweight championship fight!

  13. I agree… maybe they should move up the Lensar vs coleman match, its not the best but most likely better than the other matches on the card.

  14. i like the davis and swick matchup. they are talking about james irvin replacing chuck in that fight but that is no headliner.

  15. can't believe it!! if werdum is now the main event my ticket is going on ebay. there's no point having 13 fights if there's no main headline fight? why have they again bundled all the top fighters on the american cards tito? silva? jardine? penn? sherk? the ufc need to sort it out. vera? who wants to watch someone who got their arse kicked off tim sylvia??? very unhappy.

  16. dam i really want to see Rashad the retard get knocked out. i hope they replace chuck with wanderlie silva or Keith Jardine

  17. mr. Green says:

    this should be a free TV rvent…..what a bummer

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