UFC 85: Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben?

MMAMaina is reporting that Chris Leben (18-4) has official signed to fight in London at UFC 85. He is expected to take on Englands own, Michael Bisping in the main event, replacing the injured Chuck Liddell and Rashad Evans.

Leben, former “The Ultimate Fighter” 1 cast member, has became a fan favorite, with his wild style and unique personality. Leben has enjoyed a two fight win streak over hard hitting opponents Terry Martin and Alessio Sakara.

Bisping made his middleweight debut last Saturday, as he defeated Charles McCarthy at UFC 83 in Montreal Canada.


  1. this could be an interesting fight …hope he whoops bispings ass that would be cool

  2. This will be a good fight, though it isn't a main event caliber matchup. hopefully they have this as a free show.

  3. I have Tickets for this show – I was seriously pissed that Chuck's not gonna be fighting… But, this helps!

    This is a match up I've wanted to see for a while – It's about time they gave Bisping a striker! I like Leben, but I think the American fans seriously underestimate Bisping's abilities – Its gonna be a great fight – but I see Bisping winning!

    The card still needs some work though – This is still no where near a main Event in front of 20,000 fans at the O2 Arena – To put it in perspective – The last UFC event I went to was in Newcastle (England) where BJ Penn fought Joe Daddy – that was a capacity crowd of around 8,500!

    What about bring Rashad v Dan Henderson as well!!

  4. i agree they should just put it on for free people are gonna be pissed after they pay for all those boring fights

  5. All those boring fight? Yeah, Bisping v Leben will sure suck. Davis v Swick will bore us. Paul Kelly is always ina boring fight, as are Jess Laudian and Paul Taylor, who fight each other. That will be like watching paint dry, I bet. Dickhead

  6. yeah it should be free on spike… but hey i like this fight and like both fighter if goes all 3 it will be a 3 round war and i hope leban wins but its going to be a great fight

  7. paul your crazy cause paaul taylor is good to watch and so is jess that will be a cool as fight

  8. bisping is going to kick some yankee arse bisping allround great fighter and in the shape off his life and full of confidence in front of home supporters you americans dont give the man a chance all you do is call him shit hed kick any one of you arses back to the u.s.a

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