UFC 85 “Bedlam” Hughes vs. Alves Preview Video

UFC 85 “Bedlam”, June 7 from the O2 Arena, London England.


  1. dane drebin says:

    hughes better get a takedown early or he's in for a bad evening

  2. matt



    mike swick

    they should all get wins

  3. this won't be a easy fight for hughes, and i agree dane he better get him down early.

  4. i think matt will get this in the bag.. Alves has lost to fitch by wrestling and also lost to spencer fisher and fisher trys with matt so idk i think matt will take this fight

  5. matt has lost that aggression over the years. it was quite visible in his last few losses. same thing happened to ken shamrock and tito ortiz.

  6. i almost agreed with you tom but derek brings up some good points it may not be the same hughes and alves will know what to expect from hughes i think it will be a close fight though, and your last call was off(sherk)

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