UFC 84: Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre Confirmed

matt serra vs. georges st. pierre

Matt Serra has confirmed to NBCSports that he will rematch Georges St. Pierre for the UFC welterweight title at UFC 84 on April 19 in Montreal Canada.

St. Pierre the heavy favorite will look to avenge his loss at UFC 69 with a win over Matt Serra in his hometown of Montreal.

St. Pierre fought Matt Hughes at UFC 79 replacing Matt Serra who herniated two discs in his back a month before the fight. The UFC awarded St. Pierre the Interim UFC welterweight tile, although this was just a marketing scam by the UFC to put a title fight in the main event at UFC 79.


  1. patrickgamil says:

    Saw GSP train.

    GSP is pumped.

    Serra beware .

  2. umm to the dumbass TC its UFC 83 not 84 you douchebag.

    ps Serra by knockout 1st round

  3. Yeah Right Jerred…GSP has got this hands down

  4. serra knock out 1st round.

    yea whatever.

    just that serra will most likely be the one getting KO'd

  5. Pg whats this guy talking about…GSP got too fancy with the 1st fight, too many leg kicks and other unnessecary moves. He should have just utilized the striking/ reach advantage. GSP is going to dominate the fight!!

  6. f

  7. I have been reading some of what your all have been saying and here is what is going to happen. GSP middle of 2nd round TKO! you heard it here first so don't be suprised when it happens. It is what it is so Serra fans…..DEAL WITH IT!!! I use to think Serra was a cool guy after watching the TUF and he still may but but i think he is a Gueeeedo from Long Island that is talented in BJJ. once he loses this fight witch HE WILL LOSE he will do what Long Island guys do best, TAN, Go Clubing, wear a lot of jewelry and hook up with hairy leg girls at the Jersey SHore.

  8. i agree with just about the rest of the world when i say that GSP is definitely going to win…i am a matt serra fan and have been one since the TUF show….he is a great fighter but he's just not on the level that GSP is…i dont think that it will go past the 2nd round either bcuz these guys look to end fights

  9. Mostly Everyone is overlooking Serra again just like the first fight. I did it too and after watching him handle GSP over and over its easy to see him landing the bomb and then punching him out again. Yeah it won't last long, someone's getting knocked out no one wants a submission win in this fight.

    I'm pulling for the underdog Serra.

    No matter what happens I wanna see Serra vs Hughes!!!

  10. finally – The day is upon us, well here we go guys. GSP is going to show all of you misguided Serra fans what a true classy fighter looks like.

  11. 2nd round ? .. what the hell are you talking about .. you really think Serra will last two round ? LOL !! come on you guys… round are 5 minutes ! ;)

  12. i agree with Nick after Serra loses to GSP nothing would make me happier than to see him get handled by Hughes as well.

  13. If this fight goes any farther than 2 rounds, it will only be bacause GSP wants to get in a good work-outand give the people a good show for thier money.

  14. Look at the records. Serra has lost to every big name but the one he beat with a lucky stunning punch. GSP has beat some great, great fighters. Even in his first loss to Hughes, he was winning and got caught in a mistake.

  15. MMA Fan says:

    Style wise Serra is a bad match up for GSP. DONT get me wrong i believe that GSP will DOMINATE Serra in this fight but it will be because of his extreme athletisism. But if GSP was not as quick and athletic as he is he would have a bit of a problem with Serra because it is difficult to fight short stocky guys. Their punches are short quick with a lot of power as we saw in the last fight. again this is a problem for anyone that is taller and anyone can get caught but GSP will adjust and take Serra out!!!! TKO second round, you heard it here first so don't be suprised when it happens.

  16. I Have to say i was wrong, Serra lasted 2 rounds .. But listenning to Serra's Fans overhere , i though he would have give us a better show. Beeing finnished, staying on all 4, not trying anything to defend, that was kind of weird, not what i expected from your"champ" .. Anyway , My Champ is now THE CHAMP. And i can't wait to see Matt Hugues kicking Serra's &ss, so we won't have to see his little annoying smile… Thanks to GSP for the good show !

  17. I would like to have everyone notice that i said second round TKO on my previous entry. I knew Serra would survive the first round because BJJ black belts are good at weathering the storm but once they gas and the pressure is still on then they go limp just like Serra. He is not a fighter he is a BJJ black belt. GSP is an all around fighter and he exposed that little italian sausage a.k.a. Serra. All i have to say is that he kept mentioning that he would not be made an example of, well all you serra lovers out there he was not only made an example of he was GSP's BITCH!!!! One last thing, i find it very funny that i now don't hear Serra fans talking smack; perhaps that is because Serra got bitch slapped all over the ring last night.

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