UFC 83: Houston Alexander vs. James Irvin

houston alexander

MMAJunkie is reporting, the possible fight between Houston Alexander and James Irvin will likely take place at UFC 83 in London, England.

A source close to Houston Alexander (8-2 MMA, 2-1 UFC) today told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) that the UFC light heavyweight has accepted a fight with James Irvin (13-4 MMA, 3-3 UFC) and is simply awaiting word on whether Irvin’s camp will green-light the bout.

Alexander’s UFC winning streak was derailed by Thiago Silva at UFC 78, exposing Alexanders weak ground game.

James Irvin has had some bad luck in the cage recently, getting caught with an illegal knee at UFC 79. Irvin was given the win but, was unable to continue from the blow and had to leave the cage on doctors orders.

In his previous fight at UFC 71, Irvin injured his knee during the fight with Thiago Silva and was given the TKO (Due to Injury).


  1. Patrick89 says:

    Houston will roll through Irvin fast trying to erase the thought of his loss to Silva. He might have a weak ground game but Irvin is not a wizard there himself. I don't see Irvin trying to take this fight to the ground instead he will try to stand up and get knocked out.

  2. dredlokrasta says:

    Yes, I know Houston's ground game is suspect, but boy do I love to watch this beast go. I hope Irving doesn't try to keep it standing, because I do think Alexander will come out tossin bombs unlike he did in his last fight against Silva, when he came out tentative of the ground game, taking him out of his stand and brawl style. Lace em up!!

  3. I reckon Houston is a spent force… Thiago Silve humbled him… he's good on his feet but I reckon he's too old to learn the skills to defend/attack on the ground against UFC level fighters.

    I would like to have seen Houston face Wanderlei Silva, that would have been stand up war.

    Houston looked very impressive in his first two fights (but Jardine did rock him early)… I think ultimatley he has looked better than he actually is. I think Jardine had an off night!

    Don't get me wrong though, his fights are very cool to watch!

  4. Houstan Alexander is not a good MMA fighter…and although Wanderlai vs Alexander would be a stand up war I believe it would be over so quickly with Houstan getting knocked the fuck out

  5. I agree. Houston is not a well rounded fighter, but he can be an explosive striker. At 35 he is in great physical condition but is a little late to try learning or mastering decent ground techniques. Oh yeah, I also agree that Wanderlai would rip him up.

  6. I also feel that James Irvin can not successfully compete with the caliber of UFC fighters (his record in the ufc is 3-3).

  7. I agree Wanderlei would Knock Houston out…

  8. Wanderlei vs. Houston would be a great fight and I hope I get to see it someday.

  9. i like watching houston fight and he is probally a great guy but i don't even know how good his stand up is,power with out a dout but put him in with a world class striker and he may not be able to land those bombs and we already know his ground game isn't there. i think he will take this one but against vandy or another high caliber striker i don't know.but if he catches them with one there going down.

  10. alexander seems to have the aggressive straight foward fighting style. he seems to be wild and willing to trade just like wandi. i would really like to see that fight. in the meantime, i think this is a winnable fight for alexander to get him back on track.

  11. All I know is that Houston really didn't start training full time till Jardine so I still think he can hang at the top if he continues to work hard and train his ground game more.

  12. n is a good stand up guy and he can wrestler so its going to irvins

  13. I see this fight ending in the 2nd. Alexander ending the fight by McLovin punch to the side of Irvins face.

  14. yeah alexander will lose this fight and alot of his nexts one..

  15. haha KOPower. McLovin punch. … but in all seriousness, houston got exposed in his last fight. he is just a decent striker who packs a punch.

  16. i hope he is working on his ground game, i don't know how much he could improve in a short time though.

  17. dane drebin says:

    this fight will be sick as fuck and im glad its happening… houston has detroyed to really good fighters and lost to a really good one. i dont think anyone can judge him yet cuz honestly none of us know what he's all about. he's still a question mark in my oppinion. i think these two brawlers will put on a great fight

  18. i watched the fight and im honored to be the first to do this……HOUSTON GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT…….in 8 fuckin seconds…..this changes 205…. like legendary shit……tied the fastest ufc knockout ever…..the sandman is definitly that……houston didnt even get a chance to drop any bombs….james irvins gotta go up in the standings for that shit…. shit was the money shot….knock out of the night….houston will come back from it im sure and i think there will be a rematch cuz houston wasnt done… the ref stopped cuz houston was fucked…..he coulda let him get his ass whupped more…..doesnt change my feelings on houston… hes still hardcore he just had a bad night……..but ive been sayin it for months i be watchin alot of fights…..and james irvine iis one of the most slept on fighters in the game…..hes for real about his shit

  19. Miguel Arrindell says:

    If james is for real, as a man return a rematch. I bet james will get knock out this time. For UFC to have credibility they must make a rematch as to justify that quick stop of the referee.

  20. I guess we found out if houston could take a punch. He CANT. Irvin does have power but if ur gonna have a head as big as Houton does with no head movement u gotta have a mark hunt or k. fujita chin. Jardine dropped him with a fucking half punch-slap lol. Houston is done. He is horrible on the ground with a weak chin.

    I want to see GSP vs A. Silva & Chuck vs Shogun & also put in Rampage vs winner of tito vs machida. thats if he eats forrest;)

  21. **beats not eats LOL.

  22. Damn thats weak, like steve says he got dropped with a half slap off paul jardine, alexander was just lucky to turn it around.

    when you have houston pounding your head theres no way back, but its becoming more apparant that its fairly easy to stop him, he did seem over confident and slow. Hopefully he will have a few more fights before he decides not to risk any more brain cells

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