UFC 83 Betting Odds

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Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Serra

Bodog: -500 GSP, +300 Serra
BetUS: -500 GSP, +350 Serra

CT Pick: GSP takes it by TKO. No Bet, theirs a good chance Serra has GSP’s card.

Rich Franklin vs. Travis Lutter

Bodog: -350 Franklin, +250 Lutter
BetUS: -400 Franklin, +300 Lutter

Franklin has better stand up and can defend the takedown. Franklin is a 7:2 favorite to win, I don’t think so, more like 2:1. Lutter is no slouch, if he can get Franklin on the ground, theirs a good chance of an upset.
CT Pick: Franklin by TKO.

Michael Bisping vs. Charles McCarthy

Bodog: -330 Bisping, +260 McCarthy
BetUS: -300 Bisping, +230 McCarthy

Bisping looked shitty in his last two fights, we will have to see how he adjusts to the drop in weight. McCarthy hasn’t fought in a year and a half, I don’t see him taking this fight.
CT Pick: Bisping TKO/KO first round. To many untested factors, No Bet

Nate Quarry vs. Kalib Starnes

Bodog: -295 Quarry, +235 Starnes
BetUS: -280 Quarry, +200 Starnes

Nate Quarry looked bad in his last fight with Pete Sell, he took punishment for two and a half rounds before securing the third round KO. Starns has only lost twice in his career, one to a tough Yushin Okami and the other to Alan Belcher by TKO – Cut (gaping hole). If Starns can avoid the KO and impose his underestimated ground game, the night might be short for Nate Quarry.
CT Pick: My money and my pick go to Starns by Submission.

Mac Danzig vs. Mark Bocek

Bodog: -550 Danzig, +350 Bocek
BetUS: -500 Danzig, +350 Bocek

Bocek’s only loss is to Frankie Edgar by TKO at UFC 73. He has amazing ground skills, but lacks the well roundedness that Mac Danzing has.
CT Pick: Mac Danzig by TKO in the first. No bet, to much risk to little reward.

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Danny Sheridan’s of USA Today

Georges St. Pierre [5:1] Matt Serra
Rich Franklin [7:2] Travis Lutter
Michael Bisping [3:1] Charles McCarthy
Nate Quarry [3:1] Kalib Starnes
Mac Danzig [4:1] Mark Bocek


  1. too bad i lost all of my betting money in the last fight night. i bet for lauzon and frankie edgar.

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