UFC 82: Rich Franklin Denies Rumors Of A Fight In March

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Rich Franklin has released a message on his official website, denying any rumors that the former UFC Middleweight Champion would be fighting Travis Lutter in March at UFC 82.

I am told there are rumors of me fighting multiple people in March. I have not signed for a fight in March. I don’t believe that I am allowed to fight more than once in a night. I hope this clears up any confusion. I have not signed to fight anyone in March, or any other month.


  1. it's okay rich, i know you need your rest after getting beatdown by anderson silva… twice. rest up and wait for the winner of henderson-silva.

  2. I know nobody likes Lutter after he blew his opportunity but I think he is a good fighter. I would rather see Rich fight him than any of those other guys.

  3. travis lutter is the most underactive ultimate fighter winner of them of all. everyone else has been active and has been fulfilling their 100K contract and their sponsorship with xyience… except for lutter.

  4. plus, when you know in advance that you need to be 185 pounds for the CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE FIGHT, it should not be hard to make the weight, especially with lutter's frame. anderson silva is like 6'2 and made it. rich franklin got some huge muscles, but still made the 185 limit. damn, if i was lutter and really wanted that belt, i would have ate right, trained right, and sat in the sauna all night to make that 185.

  5. Lutter disrespected an opportunity that most fighters dream about. Still, I hope Franklin takes this fight because I don't want to see him fight someone like Okami or whoever else, probably Leben.

  6. rich and leban would never happen.. rich vs lutter would be pretty good.. when is rich fighting..

  7. I think Rick and Lutter would be a good fight. They have to deny until its finalized but I think it would be a good comeback fight for Franklin.

  8. dane drebin says:

    i think it would be a great fight… i think if lutter wasnt so weak from the weight cut that he would have beaten anderson.. he had him in full mount droppin bombs. i honestly dont know if franklin could beat him as much as i like franklin. lutter is the dark horse in that division in my oppinion

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