UFC 82: Diego Sanchez vs. Roan Carneiro

diego sanchez

Here is a clip from Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez’s mySpace page:

“It was announced today that Diego Sanchez will take on Roan Carneiro at UFC 82 Saturday, March 1 Columbus, OH on Pay Per View! It’s officially on! Diego is ready to get down to it!”


  1. Patrick89 says:

    That will be a good fight. Roan doesn't have the best record but he is more than a handfull for alot of fighters. He is pretty strong and has good chokes (anaconda choke) witch he almost caught Jon Fitch with twice in there battle. Deigo is already a pretty slippery guy with great groundskills, but I hoped he upped his strength training as he seamed to have a problem with Fitch's strength and Roan has about equall in that aspect.

  2. The guy's losses are from some of the best like Anderson Silva, Fitch, and Chonan. I thought he matched up well against Fitch too. I think its going to be an exciting matchup and a good add to 82.

  3. i want to see jon fitch – diego sanchez II.

  4. Who else is on this card? I like Diego, and if the rest of the card looks good I might just go to this one.

  5. never mind…I just saw the card…..looks like i might be going, several people on the card that i like

  6. this is going to ad a good fight and roan just got a good win over someone that is very good this is a hard fight for sanchz but i hope sandchz wns

  7. dane drebin says:

    i actually hope sanchez loses kind of i liek him a lot but i want him to snap out of it and drop down to 155… if he is dead set on stayin in the ww division he better bulk the fuck up

  8. there giving sanchez a fairly easy fight because they cant let him lose 3 in a row…but he has got to work on his stand up!!

  9. dane drebin says:

    roan wont be remotely easy he got fitch in some nasty subs

  10. Yeah, I don't think this will be an easy fight for him. Although, just by styles Diego may be a little harder to catch in a submission. I think I'd give the edge to Diego.

  11. dane drebin says:

    ya thats true when i think about it i think this fight is a good one for deigo but i still dont think it will be easy by any means

  12. Is Deigo shrinking? On season 1 of the TUF he was 5'11, but if you look up his stats he is 5'10, and last he was introduced in a fight he was 5'9. They always get that shit wrong. I think a drop to 155 would be best for him, being his size a few years ago wasn't that big of a deal, but now we're getting some taller bigger welterweights who are cutting some serious weight to make the division.

  13. Although i still think he could be very good in the WW division, not champ, i believe a move 155 would be smart esecially if he learns to strike. Once he becomes a good striker Diego will be a serious threat

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