UFC 82: Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson

dan henderson

Dana White announced at the post UFC 78 press conference, that UFC middleweight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva will face “Dangerous” Dan Henderson at UFC 82 in March.

Henderson is coming off a unanimous decision loss to UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 75 in September.

While Henderson expressed no interest in dropping to middleweight, the UFC has called on him to fill the gap of a dwindling middleweight division picked apart by Anderson Silva.

UFC 82 is set for March 1st at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.


  1. This fight will determine who the #1 185er is hands down. I think its Hendo but its a fight and anything can happen. I just think Hederson will outwork anderson and he will do better on his feet than people think. He wont get hurt by anderson and will prolly rock Silva. I just think that Silva will have met his match.

  2. BS. The fight's in Ohio again! We know who Dana wants to win.

  3. Regardless of who Dana wants to win, I don't think Hendo is going to pull this one off.

  4. Hendo all the way, he is like Couture, he will find a way to win that fight. If the fight is in Ohio that is pretty messed up, although Franklin did give Silva the seal of approval. I would be pissed if I am Anderson Silva.

  5. Don't get me wrong, I'll be cheering for Hendo but I don't think he'll pull it off.

  6. Sweet I ddint realize it was in Ohio. I live in Ohio. OSU all day everyday! Now im gonna buy me some tickets to the show sweet.

  7. Man, Anderson fights so much in Ohio that is going to be his home stadium pretty soon.

  8. You gotta be on some serious drugs if you think hendo isnt going to win. Andersons strikes cant hurt hendo, and hendo can knock anderson senseless with 1 punch, not to mention take anderson down at will and pound on him. The only way anderson can win is if Hendo gets submitted via triangle

  9. henderson has never been KOed.

  10. dude anderson is a beast in the stand up..he can kick and punch and elbow and knee great and hard.. he knock out some of the best in the first round.. i dont think anderson is going to run throw Henderson but its going to be a war.. and we r really going to find out who the best 185 is..

  11. oki well i agree that hendo should win. But nothing is for certain. Shit look at crocop getting headkicked and then losing to Cheik Kongo. Noone predicted that when he first came into the ufc. Henderson will probally hurt Anderson with a right and take him down and dominate. He could get caught in a silly sub. but thats the risk u take when u take somone down. I hope this fight stays standing. I a gonna be watching it from the chairs in the stadium baby. I cant wait for that shit. I think UFC 79is stacked. I love that card. Some great fights are on it. The chuck vs Silva fight could be historical. Possibly the best fighgter in Pride history vs UFC posterboy Chuck liddell.

  12. If you have followed Silva from amatuer on up, and Hendo also, then you know there is no way you could bet against Dan. He is better, no if,ands,or buts about it. BUT ALSO, it is mma, and anything can and usually does happen. 9 outta 10 times the Pride champ takes this fight easy, but we have all seen crazier things happen. GO HENDO!!!

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