UFC 80 Weigh-In Results Live (UPDATED)

Bj Penn

UFC 80 “Rapid Fire” Weigh-Ins will start around 3pm EST from the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, England.

The weigh-ins will not be broadcast live over the Internet, but results and highlights can be seen on Ufc.com.

Main Card

B.J. Penn (154 lbs.) vs. Joe Stevenson ( 154 lbs.)
Gabriel Gonzaga ( 255 lbs.) vs. Fabricio Werdum ( 247 lbs.)
Marcus Davis ( 169 lbs.) vs. Jess Liaudin ( 170 lbs.)
Jason Lambert ( 204 lbs.) vs. Wilson Gouveia ( 205 lbs.)
Kendall Grove ( 186 lbs.) vs. Jorge Rivera ( 185 lbs.)

Preliminary Card

Antoni Hardonk ( 244 lbs.) vs. Colin Robinson ( 238 lbs.)
Paul Taylor ( 170 lbs.) vs. Paul Kelly ( 170 lbs.)
Alessio Sakara ( 206 lbs.) vs. James Lee ( 206 lbs.)
Sam Stout ( 155 lbs.) vs. Per Eklund ( 155 lbs.)

UPDATE: All fighter make weight!

UFC 80 takes place on January 19 from the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, England.

CageToday will have LIVE UFC 80 results as the show gets underway around 1pm EST. Then stay tuned for live Play by Play Results coverage of the main card starting around 3pm EST.


  1. Weigh-In are finisheds….Here we go guys, you better say what you want to know, while you still can…good-night PJ

  2. heres your last chance to back out scott, you can just admitt that your wrong now and don't have to ban yourself for a week j.k. i just hope its a great fight and some other fights turn out to be good on this card.

  3. right back at you Roy.

  4. Scot if u didnt see my post on the other thread, yeah I'm a New Yorker…as for our little bet we'll i'll be commenting extra to make up for ur absense my man lol

  5. Well if someone is going to have make comments for me (unlikely) then I guess you would be as good as any to do it for me. I just hope I post what you would want to say..if you could.

    What part of NY, my family is from Johnston, RI

  6. scot u seem like a cool dude and everything, but i dont ever get to specific about where i live over the internet…u never know who could be reading this shit u know what i mean

  7. Brandon – I completely understand, I have been telling my 17 yr old daughter the same thing for a few years now, I guess I should listen to myself sometimes.

  8. Anyone watch the weigh in vid. BJ looks like he trained hard for this one, he looks completely cut.

  9. haha thanks…so u really should be getting to posting…u only have about 24 more hours lol. I am impressed with joe tho…ive done a little bit more research and hes very well rounded. I also like how both fighters really do respect eachother, they have both stated how highly they think of eachtoher…its nice to see MMA fighters who can actually act cordial for a change

  10. dane drebin says:

    bj and joe both look in top condition this should be a barn burner for sure

    marcus davis is lookin ripped i think hes gunna win in impressive fashion.

    i like jorge but i think kendal is gunna take that one

    right now im actually torn in the gonzaga werdum matchup… werdum looks pretty massive… he looks the biggest ive ever seen him almost 250 thats pretty wild

  11. OK this is it…..I am signing off of posting from now, until after the fight. If things go my way, I will talk to some of you late saturday night or sunday morning.

    Brandon, Roy, and ?? I forget who the other guy is that is in on our bet, anyway…good luck to the three of you. Peace.

  12. I'm the third guy Scot……….Make sure you remember my name. I don't want to be left out of the post acknowledging our (myself, Brandon, Roy) superior MMA knowledge.

  13. OK Joe you Brandon and Roy…now when the fight is over will you be posting your acknowledgement of me then, or do I need to wait for a week? I am sure a lot us will miss reading post from all three of you.

  14. joe and Roy… Where is scots last post? He can't not tell us how much more we know then him lol

  15. DumMexican says:

    Scot is gay anyway…

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