UFC 80 Preview Video

UFC 80: Rapid Fire takes place on January 19 from the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, England.


  1. Anyone really excited about Gonzaga vs. Wierdum? This one seems like a single main event PPV to me.

  2. seems a little weak with all the guys they got just sitting there.

  3. this fight card isnt to good. i want to see the ufn more then this PPV.. i think Gonzage is going to wallk throw wierdum and i think bj vs steven is going to be good..

  4. Yeah I'm not that excited but I do want to see how BJ fares against Stevenson. Stevenson is a great athelete and I think this fight will let me know more about how Penn will do if he fights Sherk.

  5. I think Gonzaga has a bright future in MMA and im excited to see him fight anyone even wierdum

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