UFC 80: BJ Penn’s Hardcore Dieting Regimen


  1. Me and BJ seem to have the same diet.

  2. dane drebin says:

    bj's way to shmug this is makin me worried that he's not takin stevenson seriosuly… if he isnt hes gunna be in for a long night

  3. haha kash. i didn't know bj needed EAT to make the 155 lb weight. he said being 162 was too light!

  4. most 155 walk around 168 to 175.. i wrestler at 145 and i walk around at 158..its so when he fight stevens he will be bigger.. But yeah i do think if bj doesnt win in the first 3 i think stevens can win it..

  5. Yeah, I don't get who the weight you put on with that junk can help you. I know it makes you heavier but I would think that having a smaller weight cut would also be a benefit. What he needs to do is take some protein and hit the weights. Stevenson is a strong guy so the extra muscle could probably come in handy.

  6. dane drebin says:

    i love both stevenson and bj…. stevensons such a hard worker and ive aways been a big fan of bj im torn!

  7. i hope his work outs are not like his diet

  8. I hope BJ is taking Stevenson seriously. He doesn't have a lot of experience but he is one of those physical freaks who is really strong for his size.

  9. dane drebin says:

    stevenson is 33-7 while bj is 12-4. what do u mean stevenson doenst have a lot of experience? he is a veteran of this sport if there ever were one. get ur facts straight dude

  10. yeah. stevenson was the TUF winner. bj USED to be blowing past guys in the UFC. so i hope bj takes stevenson seriously. and bj shouldn't be eating fatty, high cholesterol crap to get up in weight. he needs to be eating high protein stuff, like chicken breast or nice juicy steaks. not that greasy eggs and hamburger crap with mayo.

  11. u know bj penn is gonna run through stevenson. hes got the experience and stevenson is a kid whos reached an elite level to quickly. but still should be a good eertaining fight ya know….

  12. wait that was a stupid comment im hurt aND I didnt realize how long stevenson has been in mma, my bad haha. disreguard that last cmment even tho i still feel bj pen wil win

  13. im just hoping for a good fight and i hope bj beat steven with by split D

  14. yeah i hope bj beats stevenson, then sherk, moves back up to welterweight to beat whoever wins serra-TBD.

  15. sherk is going to stay in 155, i hope sherk beats bj and if bj lose to stevens i hope stevens goes all the way

  16. That was only one meal! This video doesn't mean that his whole diet is cheeseburgers and french fries. He even said that he was only doing that to shock his metabolism. It's a way to control his body's consumption of energy, not to gain weight.

    Stevenson is awesome, and a great ambassador for the sport, but I think he's outclassed by BJ. He's fought great guys, but no one at this level that I know of. Should be a killer fight though.

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