UFC 79 News: Serra vs. Hughes Off

matt serra

The UFC announced that Matt Serra will be forced to withdraw from his December 29 fight with Matt Hughes at UFC 79 in Las Vegas. Serra sustained a herniated disc in his back following a training demonstration at his gym.

Matt Serra was set to defend his UFC Welterweight title for the first time, since winning the Belt from Georges St. Pierrie at UFC 69 in May.

The UFC has not announced whether they would replace Serra or just scrap the fight all together.


  1. Well they need to get another blockbuster fight together and put it on that card if they are calling it so great because now it doesnt look great but just ok. I want to see Tito vs anybody. Throw in another big name fighter like Nogueria vs Arlovski or KONGO.

  2. i hope matt stilll gets to fight in ufc 79 OR Throw in Arlovski, cause he has not been in the cage in forever..

  3. You could even ad Gonzaga to that mix.

  4. Ya but gonzaga is suppose to be getting ready for his fight with Werdum sometime later on.But yeah they could put gonzaga vs Nogueria.

  5. They need to make the fight for the superbowl UFC, they cant shelve this fight, it is what the UFC has worked for for a year now. Matt is ready and Serra wants to beat his ass, so I cant see them setting up another fight. Of course now they have to create a headliner for the new years UFC, but I'm really disappointed because I was really anticipating this fight.

  6. I cant believe it, after all the hype and they're not fighting. I say it should be Hughes vs. GSP in its place.

  7. They put the whole WW division on hold so these guys could do the whole TUF show to market their fight. Now its off. The UFC really got screwed in this investment. I hope they can get GSP too but I bet Matt Huges will fight Tiago Alves. He matches up well against that guy.

  8. This is a joke. Matt Serra never deserved a title shot in the first place and now he will hold onto the belt for longer. You should have to defend the title once a year or else give it up. The card is already very stronger though. This was probably the third best card.

  9. Deek thats a great point…Huges vs Alves maybe that could happen i think, and they should do that.but Matt would win..

  10. I think Matt would win hands down. I would rather see him against another top 10 WW at least. They wont match him with GSP again because Dana will reserve that for a title fight. I would like to see Hughes v. Koshcheck or Sanchez.

  11. Matt Huges vs GSP is on for ufc 79..what a badass ppv

  12. Good. I like how this plays out better. I think GSP will walk through Hughes again, then win the rematch against Serra.

  13. Good. I like how this plays out better. I think GSP will walk through Hughes again, then he'll rematch Serra and win the title.

  14. Good. I'd rather see it play out this way. I think GSP will walk through Hughes again, then beat Serra for the title.

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