UFC 79 News: Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre 3

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Its on, Matt Hughes announces that he will get a rematch with Georges St.Pierre on December 29 at UFC 79. I hate to say its an upgrade after Matt Serra was forced to withdraw due to an injury, but it is.

The fight will be for the Interim UFC welterweight title which makes it a five round fight.

November 24th, 2007

I’m going to fight Georges St. Pierre on December 29th. I’ve got a couple reasons why I’ve made this decision and I will share those at a later time. I’ve asked for this to be for an interim title and if Matt Serra can’t fight in a year, then this would just be the title fight; but I don’t know if that is going to happen right now. I will keep you all posted.

EDIT: This WILL BE for the interim title, so it will be a 5-round fight. -Matt

The UFC has officially announced the fight on their website.


  1. After 79 took a big hit, the UFC pulls a fast one and gives the fans a potential fight of the year.

    UFC Please stop it with the Interim titles, someones got to beat Matt Serra for the title.

  2. GSP KTFO of Hughes again! Can't wait.

  3. I dont get why Serra has to be stripped from the title. Sherk roided and got caught and suspended and he still basically has the title. Serra gets hurt and they strip him, that is so jacked up.

  4. the ufc finally does something right.

    bad luck 4 serra but discs can take ages to heal right,

    and GSP V Hughes we know is going to be a good fight.

    down side, GSP is going to win so i dont get to see serra v hughes soon. but shit happens?

  5. Hughes fought Gracie with a small herniated disk. I dont know how long it takes but the guy worked his ass off and deserves at least a little respect for being the champion. The UFC would have never done that to Huges or Liddell. That said, I think GSP wins and Matt Serra fights Huges after that. I dont think either of those guys will have the title again after that.

  6. they have not striped serra of the title, GSP v Hughes

    is 4 the interim title. serra still has 12 months from last fight to defend, so he will fight the winner, health permiting or then be stripped. like mir (or so i'm lead to belive?)

  7. I like gsp but i think Matt is going to beat him this time..

  8. If Matt gets knocked out this time you will never see Hughes vs Serra because Hughes will retire. He said himself he only had a couple fights left in him. So u will probally never see that fight. It is a good idea putting an interim title on the line because it doesnt really change anything except for the fact that its 5 rounds instead of 3. Because the winner will fight Serra for the title so sera can basically defend his title then. But he could actually become a 2x champ without actually losing it. Very funny. I am gonna go with St.Pierre since his stand upm is lightyears ahead of hughes'. His ground game is right with Matt so anywhere it goes Georges has the adv.

  9. steve u have a great point and on paper i think GSP will beat matt, but i would love to see Huges win then beat serra then retire, then watch GSP vs serra for the belt..

  10. St. Pierre has been training with Jackson's camp the past year and I'll bet his jujitsu is way better than he showed vs. Matt the first time. Matt needs to stop being cocky and shoot more and not trade with GSP, if he trades again, its going to be lights out sooner or later.

  11. yeah if it wasnt for B.J. Penns horrible conditioning he could have beat hughes the second time also. Hughes cant rely on cardio when he is fighting St.Pierre who alays comes in shpae and ready to go.

  12. wtf is a interm title??? serra never should have beat gsp,gsp deserves the belt take it from serra he hasen fought since ufc 69!!!

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