UFC 79 Nemesis Fighter Payouts

st. pierre vs. Matt hughes

UFC 79 Fighter Payouts. The below figures do not include any sponsorships, fight bonuses or percentage of PPV buys.

Fighter Payouts

Georges St. Pierre ($160,000 to fight and win)
Matt Hughes ($100,000 to fight)
Chuck Liddell ($500,000 to fight)
Wanderlei Silva ($150,000 to fight)
Eddie Sanchez ($46,000 to fight and win)
Soa Palelei ($5,000 to fight)
Lyoto Machida ($60,000 to fight and win)
Rameau Sokoudjou ($40,0O0 to fight)
Rich Clementi ($28,000 to fight and win)
Melvin Guillard ($10,000 to fight)
James Irvin ($16,000 to fight and win)
Luis Cane ($5,000 to fight)
Manny Gamburyan ($20,000 to fight and win)
Nate Mohr ($6,000 to fight)
Dean Lister ($22,000 to fight and win)
Jordan Radev ($5,000 to fight)
Roan Carneiro ($10,000 to fight and win)
Tony DeSouza ($7,000 to fight)
Mark Bocek ($6,000 to fight and win)
Doug Evans ($3,000 to fight)

Total Payout for UFC 79: $1,199,000.


KO of the Night – Eddie Sanchez
Submission of the Night – Georges St. Pierre
Fight of the Night – Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva


  1. Wow! That’s really interesting!

  2. wow, chuck is being treated way better than randy. 1/2 million just to fight; he probably got another 1/2 million as a "bonus" when he won. even if silva won, his salary still wouldn't top chuck's 1/2 million. and some of those dudes down there are way underpaid. you can't live on 3K per fight, especially when you only fight ~3 times per year if you're lucky. even if it's 6K, i hope the fighter has another job to fall back on. lastly, im surprised eddie sanchez got paid almost as much as lyoto machida. they aren't even on the same level.

  3. Yeah. All Sanchez has ever done worth mentioning is running away from CroCop when they fought and the getting KTFO. Something is not adding up here. Sanchez must have gotten in good with Dana somehow.

  4. Maybe he gave him a "Dirty Sanches."

  5. It's way better to be a boxer than MMA. MMA is paying squat!

  6. they should alll get around 7k or 8k. and chuxk is geting to much.. if y add them all up they just equal chucks pay

  7. Yeah, people are sick of the special treatment of Dana's friends. I'm glad Couture spoke his mind about that and brought some attention to it. The UFC should have had a 10K fight minimum for years now. To fight at a UFC event for 3 grand is just stupid.

  8. yes the money is situation is crazy. I think that fighters like chuck and GSP Silva and Rampage,people who put the fans in the seats should make like 60k a fight atleast. I believe that fighters who have a huge crowd of fans should make 500k. Shit they are the reason people go and see the fights and order PPV. And even fighters on the undercard should make 30k. Hell if ur giving them a shot in the UFC let them train fulltime. Itdoesnt make sense if they are only worth 4k then why am I watching them on the Daddy of MMA organizations? Give them money damn it.

  9. It's an unlevel playing field if you think about it. The guys at the top get paid enough to train full time and become much better. The guys at the bottom get paid squat and have to make an additional income to survive and train at the same time.

  10. what most of you aren't seeing is that they aren't actually making that small amount, they don't show the bonuses, and it's not just chuck getting them. There are incentives to earn bonuses, if you put on a show, you get a big bonus. fighters like Jasen Dent who you never even see in UFC because their fight is just preliminary are making the 3,000, plus a 15,000 dollar bonus check for keeping it interesting. Best knockout, best submission, split decisions that are non stop action, all bonus pay no matter who the fighter.

  11. The UFC is getting bad PR so why would they post those low numbers and then give them a ton of money under the table. Doesn't make any sence. If they are getting paid the UFC is the first ones who want to post that, especially since Couture bashed their disrespect of fighter pay.

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