UFC 79: Melvin Guillard vs. Rich Clementi

Melvin Guillard

FiveOuncesOfPain is reporting that Melvin Guillard will be fighting Rich Clementi at UFC 79 on December 29. Guillard will be making his return to fighting, following a positive test for cocaine at UFC Fight Night 9 in April.

Rumors began to circulate about this matchup last week but Clementi just recently got official word from Joe Silva of the UFC that the match is indeed on.

But before he fights Guillard, Clementi will be taking on Antoine Skinner this Saturday on the campus of LSU on a card promoted by his own fight company, No Love Entertainment. It’s believed to be the first time an MMA event has ever been held on LSU’s campus.

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  1. Clementi will kill him.

  2. How do you figure? Clementi isn't anything special. The only reason I would agree with you is because Guillard is so damn cocky that he screws up in the cage. Guillard pisses me off because he has so much raw talent, but he keeps making mistakes. Kinda like Joe Riggs. Wasted talent.

  3. Guillard is like Michael Vick…talented but he makes dumb decisions. I'd still give him the edge here though.

  4. clamenti is not the same guy he was in TUF, he has been on a tear and is so much improved, same with Riggs. i pick Clementi in this one cuz hes not a crackhead.

  5. did I say Clementi was anything special? all I said was Clementi would kill him…..that's my opinion, I made a prediction you made an assumption. Sorry fellas after each round your not allowed to hit a line of coke, that might be news to Guillard…..but then again how do I figure huh?

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