UFC 78 Video: Chris Lytle vs Thiago Alves

Chris Lytle vs. Thiago Alves


  1. what did u guys think about the new Refs. Havent talked about that yet. I think overall they did a very ggod job. They made them stay busy. Just like they did in pride only if u didnt stay busy in pride they take 10% of ur salary away as a warning.Maybe they should do that in the UFC. It sounds good to me. I also wish they had the same rules as pride but keep the elbows.

  2. The did good except for the Gono fight where he kicked McCrory in the nuts from behind and the ref didnt see it so he made McCrory fight right away. The guy winced and the ref said "you didnt get hit there."

  3. I guess I didn't think much about it. I'd agree with a reduction in salary for a poor performance. I'm tired of watching boring fights.

  4. Hell yes Joe, Pride got it right when they had their yellow and red cards. You'll never see Fedor holding out for a victory. I dont mind if they clinch or go to the ground, but at least try to advance position or do some damage. I wish Edgar would have tried to advance position more but he just layed in Fishers guard and threw blows, that fight was boring as hell.

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