UFC 78: Thiago Alves vs. Ryo Chonan

Thiago Alves and ufc

MMAJunkie is reporting, Thiago Alves will likely be fighting Ryo Chonan at UFC 78 on Nov. 17 in Newark, New Jersey.

Pride Veteran Ryo Chonan will be making his first ever appearance in the octagon after signing with the UFC last month. Chonan is best known for his defeat of current UFC Middleweight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

Alves is coming off a impressive submission victory over Kuniyoshi Hironaka at UFC Fight Night 11. His always attack style makes him extremely fun to watch.

Amazing Fight Video, here’s the fight between Ryo Chonan and Anderson Silva. Watch the amazing scissor takedown to heal hook Chonan put on the UFC champion.


  1. Never seen this one before I wonder what weight they fought at? Silva wins this guy 9 out of 10 times right now. Silva, BJ Penn, and Fedor are the best fighters in the world.

  2. maybe its just me, but the fight wasn't finished. Is there more video?

  3. The video does cut off. I've been looking on the internet for this and I cant find anything, they are all erased. Its like the move is a government secret or something. This sucks, it must be a really good move to posterize Anderson Silva. If anyone can find a link, let me know.

  4. Ill find a new video

  5. Its at 24:00 mark.

  6. Nice, that move is sick. But I noticed that the ref stopped the fight before Anderson began to tap.

  7. Regardless Anderson was done. The heel hook is so powerful that just cranking an inch hurts like hell. The guy did it right and he deserved to win. Never seen that done in competition before.

  8. Big Shove says:

    Watch the video again. As soon as he dropped Silvas right hand is tapping.

  9. Oh yeah, I was watching the slo mo and it didnt show his other hand. That move is bonkers.

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