UFC 78: Rashad Evans vs. Michael Bisping

rashad evens

UFC.com is reporting former “The Ultimate Fighter” winners Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping will be fighting on the main card at UFC 78 in Newark, New Jersey.

Rumors have been buzzing that Rashad Evans would be taking on Tito Ortiz or Dan Henderson. Tito Ortiz is currently in talks with the UFC to renew his contract. It is possible that contract negotiations forced the UFC to replace Ortiz with Bisping.

More fights are scheduled to be confirmed this week by the UFC.

For the latest UFC 78 Rumors check out our MMA FightCard section.


  1. Been waiting for this one. I hope Rashad kicks his ass. I like to see Bisping fight although I didn't agree with the decission he got against Matt H. I think Rashad is a much better fighter & should have fought him before Ortiz, but I think this is going to be a good fight none the less.

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