UFC 78 Video: Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping On ESPN

Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping discuss their strategies for UFC 78 on November 17 at the Prudential Arena, Newark, New Jersey. We will have UFC 78 Results Live starting at 8 pm EST.


  1. Bisping has a good chance of winning this fight by decision if he does what he did to Hamill in round 3…throw a combination and then back away. Outside of a decision, I would pick Rashad to win this anyday, Bisping isn't going to knock Rashad out but he might outpoint him. I can't wait to see how well Rashad has improved his striking and this fight will show that.

  2. I agree. I think Rashad will take the fight. Over all though, this fight doesn't really "validate" much for me. Dana talks about the winner of this fight moving close to a title shot. Can you imagine, Bisping vs Rampage? Or even Rashad vs Rampage? I just don't see it.

  3. Bisping better hope he has the same judges from last time if it goes to the decision.

  4. I feel like Bisping is gonna beat Rashad in this fight. I know that Bisping has trouble with wrestlers but I think that his stand up will be better than Evans standup so im gonna go 29-28 Bisping Unanimous. Both these fighters should be coming off of a loss but judges and stupid point deduction fucked that up. If the rest of the card wasnt good i wouldnt buy this Pay per view. I dont think anybody would LOL. This fight better not be shitty either.

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