UFC 77: Rumored Yushin Okami vs. Jason MacDonald

yushin okami jason Macdonald

According to the Fight Network, Canadian middleweight Jason MacDonald (19-8) has verbally agreed to an Oct. 20 bout against Yushin Okami (20-4) at UFC 77 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Okami is coming off a hard defeat to Rich “Ace” Franklin at UFC 72 in Belfast, Ireland. Also on the UFC 72 card, Jason MacDonald scored a TKO victory over The Ultimate Fighter veteran Roy Singer. Both fighters are top contenders in the UFC middleweight division and both loss to Rich Franklin. Should be a war.


  1. should be a good fight

  2. Its hard to be excited about a fight with two B rated fighters.

  3. These arent B fighters, they are at the top of the division dumbass. One or the other could be fighting for the title next year.

  4. Yeah, if these guys are B fighters then Mike Swick, Chris Lebon, Ed Herman, and Kalib Starnes are all amateurs.

    I really thought Jason Macdonald was going to beat Franklin – I think he was just afraid in that fight. Okami just didn't show up for his fight against Franklin.

  5. They are pretty good fighters, I agree with crynot. Both had jitters in their Franklin fights but both are really talented. I dont know what to think about Okami though, remember when he threw that cheapshot knee at Franklin when they started the third round, that was so punk.

  6. I agree. I'm not a fan of Okami at all. That cheap shot was junk. I'm hoping Macdonald brings his usual A game and submits Okami.

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