UFC 77 News: Silva Punishes Franklin, Again!

Anderson Silva vs. rich franklin

Rich Franklin returned to the cage in his hometown of Cincinnati, to try to reclaim the UFC middleweight title. With new training partners and a game plan to win, Franklin was determined to take back the title from Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva had a different plan, midway through the first round, we started to see Silva attach the Thai clinch. Just like the last fight Silva was able to destroy Franklin with knees and elbows.

At the end of the first round Silva drops Franklin with a right hand, the bell rings and Franklin looked dazed, his corner man had to drag him to the corner. The second round looked much like their last fight, with Silva putting on a clinic for the fans. The referee jumps in and stops the fight, Rich Franklin has lost the fight and his nose is broken, again.

Whats next for the UFC Middleweight Division. Rich Franklin has defeated all the top contenders, but he cant beat Silva. Silva vs. Okami looks to be the only reasonable fight.


  1. i have been telling evryone that franklin aint that good he sort of like chuck liddell one dimentional ..sylvia stomps a mud hole in him AGAIN !!! i loved it …. next i would to see matt sera kick matt hughes ass too.. now that would be funny then he might as well retire quietly ..and would someone please kick rashed evans's ass tito wussed out or was paid off im not sure witch one later …

  2. Franklin one-dimensional! Classic. Also, I wouldn't be so sure about Okami fighting for the belt. White made no mention of him when discussing possible opponents for Anderson and his contract ended with UFC 77. It's not the strongest division but Okami's come under fire for winning boring fights and I woundn't be surprised if he wasn't offered a new contract. His UFC 77 showing can't have helped. Shame, I love watching him fight.

  3. okami is a great fighter he has a win over silva. i would like to see henderson v silva next that would be an awesome fight

  4. I would be happy with Silva fighting Henderson or Filho. Okami seems like he has a pretty good chin and I like the guy, but he always goes to a decision. I hated the fact that in the Franklin fight he didn't wake up till the third round and then tried a cheap flying knee in the beginning of the round.

    Anderson does have a loss by Okami though because of a DQ and I bet he wants to avenge that at some point.

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