UFC 74 Video: Kendal Grove On Training, Tattoos and Hawaii

Kendal Grove talks Training, Tattoos and Hawaii


  1. grove sucks, hes going to get owned by cote.

  2. He doesn't suck, but he does need to get his ass kicked. Thug life in Hawaii baby!!!!

  3. The guy is a dumbass especially talking about his dumb tatoos. he got a tatoo of his sponsor wha an idiot. but your right he is a pretty good fighter

  4. 808fighter says:

    Leet: you have no idea what the "North Shore Cartel" is. If you did then you wouldnt have said what you said. Yeah they sponsored him, but they are so much more than that.

  5. 808fighter says:

    oh yeah and his tattoos have much meaning to us here in hawaii.

  6. i dont know what the "north shore cartel" is either. anyone know?

  7. a drug dealing organization. thats what they are. big time.

  8. aREALhawaiian says:

    Is kendal even really hawaiian? He has Kamehameha on his back and claims to be hawaiian but his parents dont look like they are hawaiian at all and neither does he for that matter. Its like Bj he's not hawaiian either but he's all soverign? sup with that? Everyone hates on mayhem for not being hawaiian but kendal and bj arent either.

  9. dane drebin says:

    how are they not hawaiian? wasnt bj born in hawaii and lives there still?

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