UFC 73: Stacked Weigh-in’s

Middleweight Championship:
Anderson Silva (184.5) vs. Nate Marquardt (182.5)
Suprisingly, Marquardt comes in lighter than expected. His weight is too far under to believe he was able to cut that much extra, maybe he has been working overtime on his conditioning for this fight. Silva looks calm and ready like always, very lengthy and lean. During the staredown Silva gets right up in Marquardt’s face and he doesn’t flinch.

Lightweight Championship:
Sean Sherk (154.5) vs. Hermes Franca (154.5)
Both look good and like always, Sherk looks completely ripped for this fight as he flexes on the scale. Franca is not as lean, but he looks very good and smiles as he leaves the stage.
Light Heavyweight Contender Match:
Rashad Evans (204) vs. Tito Ortiz (205.5)
Rashad looks very good like he had a pretty easy weight cut. Tito looks like he trained like crazy and is leaner than I have seen him in his recent fights. Of course, they talk non-stop trash in their poses, Tito trying to get in Rashads head and Rashad giving it right back.
Heath Herring (259) vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (240.5)
Both show a lot of respect for each other, Nogueira gives up a good amount of size to Herring.

Alvin Robinson (156) vs. Kenny Florian (155.5)
Robinson looks very good and packs on a good amount of mass for his 156 lb. frame. Florian looks very lean and is ready to go.

Mike Nickels (205.5) vs. Stephan Bonnar (204.5)

Diego Saraiva (155) vs. Jorge Gurgel (155.5)

Chris Lytle (169.5) vs. Jason Gilliam (171)

Mark Bocek (154.5) vs. Frank Edgar (154.5)


  1. ok Tito looks like he has lost some muscle and become way more ripped and lean like when he was younger as the champ so I am going to pick Titio to win Nate marquardt I still think will win and Sherk will most likely win along with Nogueria and My upset fight is Florian getting a loss in the first Rd. to Alvin Robinson who is very good and I think better then Florian everywhere we will see tho.

  2. I just got my cable in yesterday because I wanted to see the weigh ins and PPV. The weigh ins were ok, I didn't expect them to be so short. Tito and Rashad look ready to get it on, can't wait. I've never seen Marquardt and don't really know much about him, hopefully he puts up a good fight.

  3. i pick rashad in the 2.and silva in 1.

  4. Realwun says:

    This has been the most unpredictable UFC card in a long time for me. All of the polls have been pretty even on Ortiz vs. Rashad.

    After seeing Tito totally ripped and trash talking in a confident way, I think I might turn my pick around and see Tito winning this fight. He is just too prepared and relaxed, plus I think Rashad's good trash talk has given Tito what he needs in every fight, motivation to hate, motivation to train. Plus, Rashad was nervous at the weigh in podium, so I don't know if that will carry over to his fight.

    Did anyone see Marquardt and Greg Jackson (Rashads training partner and trainer) laughing when he was speaking on the podium? It was like Diego Sanchez was writing him some Que Cards.

    I think the suprise fight of the night will be Sherk vs. Franca. We all know that Sherk is about as in shape and strong as you can get at that weight, but Franca offers a ton of experience and talent.

    I think this fight will be exciting and I'm going way waaay out on a limb and saying that Franca wins by a choke out in the late first or early second.

  5. Here are my pics:







  6. Did anyone hear Rashad's growl. That was pretty good. He puts DMX to shame I think.

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