UFC 73 Results And Recap LIVE

ufc 73 results live recap

***Results live Saturday July 7, Starting around 8pm EST***

Main Card

Kenny Florian vs. Alvin Robinson

Kenny Florian defeats Alvin Robinson by TKO(Strikes) at 4:30 of the first round.

Anderson Silva vs. Nathan Marquardt

Anderson Silva defeats Nate Marquardt by TKO(Strikes) at 4:50 of the first round.

Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans

The fight is declared a unanimous decision DRAW, Tito losses a point for grabbing the cage in the second round.

Sean Sherk vs. Hermes Franca

Sean Sherk defeats Hermes Franca by Unanimous decision. (50-45 x3)

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Heath Herring

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira defeats Heath Herring by Unanimous decision. (29-28 x3)

Preliminary Card

Jorge Gurgel vs. Diego Saraiva

Jorge Gurgel defeats Diego Saraiva by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Stephan Bonnar vs. Mike Nickels

Stephan Bonnar defeats Mike Nickles by Submission(Rear Naked Choke) at 2:14 of the first round.

Chris Lytle vs. Jason Gilliam

Chris Lytle defeats Jason Gilliam by Submission(Keylock) at 2:15 of the first round.

Frankie Edgar vs. Mark Bocek

Frankie Edgar defeated Mark Bochek by TKO(Strikes) at 4:55 of the first round.


  1. I say Randy my friend ( and yes we hung out at the ritz in houston) mark coleman his gym mate kevin randleman killed cro crop

  2. sam…. i think too…after seeing cro cop….his jaw is his weak point.

  3. No 4 real im use my bros aim hit me up its my bros samadkinslives4u

  4. i ve never heard any one saying shit about randy….i suppose a through champ is always like that

  5. Randy would take cro crop down and pound him or Randy would catch Cro on the chin plus I think cro crop should fight light heavy thats wut his body tyoe looks like

  6. As far as heavy wieght there r only 2 true champs fedor and randy thats it

  7. his power will be dominating in light heavy wieght…..the strongest hitter in my opinion if he switches to light h w

  8. Adam ur kooler than i thought lol

  9. Ow did u hear kimbos fightin mma gettin trained by bas

  10. sam….why u think randy switched to heavy wieght…u think he thought chuck is gonna stay champ for long time and he got no chance of a shot again ang thought heavy wieght belt is a lot easier to grap?

  11. Now at welter wieght I pick Koro or Josh if he beats georges

  12. noooooo

  13. i still think hughes is the best and will grap the belt back

  14. Well no belt is easy to grab but until the UFC bought pride the heavy was an easier one but now i say its one of the top three with wleter and LH

  15. Hughes might get the title back but not 4 long you can not stay on top that long maybe the ufc of ol butwhen u had to defend ur title every six months if u were lucky now its like every three

  16. ohhh yea now its a lot harder division…..hay that big black dude from k1…what was his name….350 pounds…i think it was bob ….? ??

  17. get a room pussies.

  18. bob sapp

  19. did he ever fight cro cop?

  20. Joe y did u start that

  21. whats bob sapp doing now….still fighting?

  22. I dunno k-1 is more kick boxing i dont think i do know he beat the shit out of nog until he tapped from arm bar

  23. what u think of him in ufc ? any chance?//

  24. Sapp is fun to watch but at that size he will gas to easy i do know sapp challanged tyson watch it on youtube

  25. As far as sapp in ufc they might sign him as he was know on k-1 as the freack show

  26. he has few fights in pride

  27. ya but i think if u want to see a big guy bring "butter bean" lol

  28. lol….alright mate….me off to bed…have fun…talk to ya later

  29. I think since boxers shit talk mma have them fight mma cuz thats more like a real fight and see who wins

  30. Joe u on?

  31. Any one on now?

  32. ADAM… FUCK YOU RETARD! If you read my post you’ll see that Im giving Tito his props and respect as a fighter you douchebag. As a person I think hes an ass. Dumb ass.

  33. morey…..u shouldnt understand my ass…u fag…its my ass and mine only…hehee

  34. Realwun says:

    Adam I think I know why you can’t understand Rashad when he talks. You see, he’s college educated, so I know those big words hurt your head a little. Just take it slow, pull out a dictionary, and it’ll come.

    It was a draw, Tito let it slip away in the third. I can’t believe he got tired, he would have won. Herring is a dumbass for letting Noguiera off the hook.

  35. me…as a person i think he is good…he talks big cause he got the talent to prove it…and by the way ure mom is retard….stop talking shit about tito…u saw how an affair this result was…..draw??? fuck dana white and his judges

  36. metalwheelz says:

    wow was that one of the shittest ufc events ever.

    first of sherk got kneed in the head more time then ive ever seen and still won?

    next rashad nigglet lost that fight easy from where i sit but hey i like watching tito the huntington beach cockboy getting screwed for once instead of getting decisions he doesnt deserve.

  37. You're all a bunch of morons….go read a good book!

  38. shitz disturber says:

    First of all, tito grabbed the cage more than once, also grabbed the shorts of rashad more than once. That should've been more than one point off tito. BIG JOHN ARE YOU FUKKIN BLIND!? Anyways, tito is a washed up bitch of a fighter and if he faces rashad again, he has no prayer. Oh yeah, FUK TITO

  39. After than fight I think Tito should move to EliteXC. He was pretty slow the whole fight and gassed in the third, you can't do that against tough competition. On top of that, he fought Rashad because he thought it would be a better fight for him than Keith Jardine.

  40. adam ur a fucking douchbag tito ortiz is a pussy and u know it u fuckin cocksucker hes a washed up piece of shit and ill fight ur bitch ass if you think ur tough

  41. and bob sapp hasnt had a fight since 05' retard maybe if you were a real fan you would know what ur talking about

  42. and rampage would rip tito to fucking pieces so he better get a lot of money for that fight and hope that his family enjoy it without him

  43. shitz disturber says:

    good call dhawk. i like you man, you're crazy. ps. tito would do much better on dancing with the stars or american idol, cause when he whines, he has a great womanly singing voice

  44. This was a shitty ufc as far as tito he is boring all he can do is talk shit and pound you for 15min Shogun and henderson are the future of the LH div and Dhawk I know ( bout sapp) that but he has fought some k-1. all the knew fans thought chuck would kick rampages ass and now they think rampage will kick hendersons ass Tito should keep selling his brand of cloths and retire

  45. whodini says:

    can anybody say WWE ? those fights sucked i think tito was paid off not to show up..he really sucked he looked like the old rasheed when he got on top no punchs no elbows just laid there humping evans ..looks like the ufc is heading towards the wrestling fate maybe im wrong …tito justs sucks i guess sean sherk looked looked like he was in good shape

  46. Yeah makes you wonder. The Oriz and Noguiera fights were so wierd, I don't know what to think. How do you gas, blatenly hold on to the fence, and do nothing when you are on top. As far as Herring goes, if he is that bad, he shouldn't be fighting anymore. Ground and pound on a woozy opponent is the easiest way to finish a fight.

  47. dhawk

    u little girl…u will rip me to pieces cause u behind ure montor not in real world…..i will fuck ure sister and blow on ure dads bald head motherfocker….. STOP dreaming and pull ure finger out of ure ass….u child malester. Get a job and stop dreaming….u fat over wieght waist of sperm….meow…sorry i tried to talk mma guys but this asshole wanted me to abuse him so he got it.

  48. Then talk MMA Adam, you pussy. Don't be mad when someone gives you a dose of your own bullshit. I read what you had to say and I think you know a little something, why start all of the trash.

    I like trash talk too but I save it for dumbasses like you who rip on people for giving their opinion.

  49. morey….long time no see mate!

    listen see now if i abuse u after u called me dumbass and pussy….we change the subject aagain away from mma to me abusing you and making u the topic…so man please for sake of this site get over me and stick to mma topic.

  50. adam first of all ill beat the fuck out of you second i dont have a sister third my dad is not bald and forth im 15 so i cant be a child malester you dumbass cunt pull ur finger out of ur ass cuz mine isnt in mine bitch

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