UFC 65: Bad Intentions Payouts

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The UFC Releases payout amounts for UFC 65. Can you believe how much Tim Sylvia is getting paid. You would think Matt Hughes would be the top paid. Hughes was the main draw and has held the UFC title for a long time. Sylvia is getting paid $45,000 more then Hughes and $62,000 more then St. Pierre. No wonder Tim Silvia didn’t want to fight Fedor. If you were making this much fighting fighting middle of the barrel fighters, would you risk it.


  1. I think Silvia's way overpaid, Matt Hughes should have had the biggest draw. Silvia isn't even a fan favorite, so I don't know about that one.

    The one that really pisses me off is how much Monson got paid…just 13,000. Silvia bot 120 grand and he got a measly 13 grand. Really sucks.

    I never would have guessed that the lower end guys got so little money for fighting.

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