UFC 47 “Bowles vs Cruz” Results




  1. Good grief Pulver needs to Retire. I said it 3 fights ago

    and I'm saying it now… :/

  2. are you dumb miko? he did retire.

  3. Technically he didn't say he was but hinted at it when he was asked. Forget exactly how it was said but wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't… was kinda sad though. Hope he does cause there's nothin more to prove.

  4. didn't watch, what happened with garcia and roop?

  5. BigJon I could ask you the same thing.

    Like Robert said, "Technically he didn’t say he was but hinted at it when he was asked."

    and he's "retired" before.

    When I say retire, I mean forever.

  6. BJJ Brown Belt says:

    He definitely left the door open. Even though he should retire. if the money is there, he"ll fight again. It looks like the book is pretty much out now on how to defeat Miguel Torres…you just have to take him down and ground and pund him. His lack of size (strength and bulk – very skiinny for that weight class) is his weakness.

  7. I agree with Miko, he continues to lose, his record suffers for it and he becomes a punch line in MMA just like Ken Shamrock

  8. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    It's still unclear what he's thinking or what he will do…


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