UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson Unofficial Trailer

UFC 151 – Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson unofficial fan trailer for the September 1st showdown between the two champions. H/T NickTheFace


  1. G.B Brick says:

    You know i like Dan he is a true warrior in all phases of mma but dan do you really think you will be the ONE? In all the matrix of mma fighters are you the ONE? Well dan i wish you well but unfortunately you will not be the ONE. The problem is that at this point in time there is no fighter that has a solid plan to overcome bones long reach. This is the thing that most fighters that want a piece of jones must answer. The only thing is i don’t see any fighter in his weight class at this time that could even come close to taking his belt. Jones will have this belt for a very long time. Again dan you are not the ONE but good luck anyway.

  2. technix says:

    Hendo is a wildcard for me. He could look great against a heavyweight in Fedor and terrible against a middleweight/welterweight in Jake Shields. I don't think he's going to the the One either.

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