UFC 146 Dos Santos vs. Mir Results LIVE

The Ultimate Fighting Championships returns to Las Vegas for UFC 146 featuring a heavyweight title fight between current champion Junior Dos Santos and former champion Frank Mir. The action kicks of tonight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Live on PPV.

PPV: 9pm EST
FX: 7pm EST
Facebook/Youtube: 5:45pm EST





  • Fight of the Night: None awarded
  • Submission of the Night: Paul Sass, Stefan Struve – 70K each<
  • Knockout of the Night: Roy Nelson, Dan Hardy – 70K each
  • Attendance: 14,592
  • Live Gate: $3.4M


  1. G.B.Hamerick says:

    Well it would seem that mir could not take jds down and the outcome is what to be expected. What mir did not do was have a defense against strikes standing up, which seems strange due to the fact he knows that jds is only good at boxing. Mir take downs were definitely far and few, none the less he just could not defense the boxing of jds. what a shame i thought mir would have a better showing. But jds will now have to face cain or overeem and that will be a completly different fight for him and cain is definitely looking for revenge.

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