UFC 143 “Diaz vs. Condit” Results LIVE

UFC 143 “Diaz vs. Condit” – Results LIVE Feb 4th from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV. With Georges St. Pierre on the shelf till possibly November, welterweights Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit battle it out for the interim UFC welterweight belt.

Pay-per-view: 9pm EST
FX: 7pm EST
Facebook: 6pm EST

Main Card (Pay-per-view)

Preliminary Card (FX)

Preliminary Card (Facebook)

  • Dan Stittgen vs. Stephen Thompson
    Result: Steven Thompson defeats Dan Stittgen via KO (kick) at 4:13 of R1.
  • Rafael Natal vs. Michael Kuiper
    Result: Rafael Natal def. Michael Kuiper via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

  • Event Notes

    • Nick Diaz announced his retirement during the post-fight interview. Was mad at the decision, not sure how serious he was.
    • Fight of the Night: Fabricio Werdum and Roy Nelson each earned $65,000
    • Submission of the Night: Dustin Poirier earn $65,000
    • Knockout of the Night: Stephen Thompson earn $65,000
    • Attendance: 10,040
    • Live Gate: $2.3 million
    • UFC 143 Videos


    1. Nice fight by Condit he definitely won. But I didn't like the hit and run tactics he did for most of the fight. It reminded me of when Greg Jackson had Keith Jardine leg kick to a victory against Chuck Liddell.

      • Hit and run is the only way to beat Diaz. Condit fought a smart fight and looked the better fighter. He won the fight, thats a fact. Yes, Diaz was coming forward but didnt land anything. Did you want Condit to sit against the fence and let Diaz hit him?? Thats like saying "why didnt Roy Nelson get into Werdum's guard".

        • the reason people are mad is because nobody want's to watch a champ that hits and runs his way to a win. i know carlos is a warrior in all of his fights. but the way he won last night was not what people want to see in a champion no matter how good their strikes look. its was a boring fight. at no point did i think diaz had a chance it was like a sparring session in there for condit.

    2. BS decision. Diaz won the first second and fifth. 2 judges 49-46 unreal.

    3. Carlos can run from Diaz but he can't run from GSP.

    4. Carlos is leap years above GSP in striking. He only has to worry about the Canadian blanket.

      • I would have called bs on that comment before tonight. But Condit showed he’s a very good technical striker. Still he is probably going to fall victim to GSP’s lay n pray.

    5. expatexpat says:

      just proves one thing in ufc you can run all nite and win. i guess he got points for no aggression what a joke this condit dude is. people want to see a fight. guy ran all nite no aggression….do you think he was scarred…. i do. but no big deal he will loose to the paper champ and diaz will still get his fight against the paper champ. seems condit just wanted to go home with his face intact, what a joke one thing for sure i will not get the ppv for condit paper champ fight

      • What the fuck are you talking about man??? you obviously know shit?? Diaz landed nothing like the strikes Condit landed. Diaz is a great fighter (provided you stand there and let him hit you) do anything else and he looks ordinary. As for Condit being a joke, Ellenberger, Mac Donald, Kim etc etc… enough said bro. Look those names up dip shit. P.S LOSE and SCARED. F-me!!

    6. just wakeing up from a hangover,man what the hell happend last night,was i drunk or did condit run all five rounds.Looks like Condit needs to try out for marathons.I was very disapointed in the dision last night.Diaz is the shit dispite the attitude

    7. Expatexpat just read your blog I said the same shit last night.I wan"t be ordering the condit vs GSP fight either forgive my spelling i feell like shit.I hope Diaz aint quiting

    8. Ron Pauly says:

      How about Nelson. If that guy could leave the buffet line in Vegas and fight at LHW he would be beast. The guy looked like a middleweight with a beer belly compared to Werdum who is a small HW.

    9. capt.ADK'er says:

      can someone explain to me why diaz could not contain condit and keep him from returning to the center of the ring(sic)? i know an octagon has shallower corners, but this ain't boxing!!!

      • diaz is not a sprinter he's a distance runner. he couldn't catch up to the kid. gsp better work on his sprints.

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