UFC 143: Nick Diez Gets Popped For Weed By The NSAC, Again

The rumors are true, Nick Diez tested positive for Marijuana metabolites following his UFC 143 loss to Carlos Condit. Nevada State Athletic Commissioner Keith Kizer hinted earlier today that one fighters test came back positive before sending a letter to media later in the day confirming the news. A disciplinary hearing shall be held to decide a possible fine and/or suspension for Nick Diaz.

“All results received thus far have been negative, except Mr. Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites … A complaint for disciplinary action against Mr. Diaz has been filed.”

UFC President Dana White responds,

“I am beyond disappointed that he tested positive for marijuana … It is now in the hands of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.”

This is Diaz’s second positive test under the commission’s jurisdiction. Diaz also tested positive for marijuana following his amazing win over Takanori Gomi at PRIDE 33.

Following his first positive test, the NSAC suspended him 6 months and fined him 20% of his earnings ($3,000). With this second infraction, Diaz could be looking a more significant punishment.


  1. Ron Pauly says:

    I blame the media, all the added stress lead him back to the pipe.

  2. Anyone know the law on having a medical marajuana card? I'm sure it doesn't cover him in Nevada but I would think if he has a 'medical' reason to smoke then they have to clear him.

  3. As much as i dislike Nick Diaz…..REALLY WEED? Come on this would in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM help or enhance his ability to fight. Steroids I can see stirring up the hornet's nest but WEED? America needs to wake the hell up. If the man wants to smoke a fat one to calm himself down (which he definitely needs too) then i say let FREEDOM RING DAMN IT! Think about it, if you have watched any of the ultimate fighter shows you saw idiots on there HEAVILY DRINKING and acting the fool and that's acceptable (and legal). If Diaz can smoke and still train and continue to be a top fighter it seems besides being an illegal substance (eyes rolling) there really should be no problems.

  4. shocker of the century here! i agree what the hell was he thinking. i understand the anxiety but take some legal medication or something else to calm your nerves. oh well i guess a suspension doesn't matter to a guy who's retired anyway.

  5. I'm a douche for standing up for his performance against Condit when he was going to get popped for drugs. Thanks Diaz.

  6. The UFC employees who filmed the Primetime special, said that all he does, smoke and train. Also, UFC commentator Joe Rogan talks about frequently smoking weed before long BJJ sessions.

    I know its illegal as far as regulatory commissions are concerned. But suspending a guy for one year, please.

  7. Whos cares! If anything it would be a hinderance and slow him down. The guy probably needs it to relax a little. Great comment about the ufc guys getting drunk and hammered on the show. Legalize it…. Dont criticize it?

  8. 20 years from now when weed is legal we're going to feel dumb for suspending Diaz.

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